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Nissan D21 Grille

Nissan D21 Grille Issues

While your Nissan D21 Grille looks fancy now, that may not be the case as time goes by. Below are some of the things that could affect its appearance:

Pesky Streaks and Stains

Dirt, dust, and mud-your Nissan D21 grille won't like them. But since your grille is located at the front end of your D21, it pretty much has no choice but to be exposed to the said road elements. Fortunately, all of those impurities can be easily wiped from your beloved grille. In fact, all it takes is a bit of soap and water.

They won't be so easy to remove though if you let all those grime sit on your Nissan D21 grille for far too long. The dirt, dust, and mud can evolve to streaks and stains that can be very difficult to get rid of, you see. And when it comes to that point, good old soap and water won't be enough to get rid of them. You'll need specialized cleaning agents, in that case.

Scratches and Dings

Scratches and dings are much like pimples-they may be small but they grab your attention. And they don't look nice at all. Contact with pointed or hard objects is normally the cause of scratches and dings on your Nissan D21 grille, although they can be brought about by practically anything. While scratches and dings look bad, don't mope about it just yet. Scratches and dings can be fixed, after all.


If scratches and dings are like pimples, then dents are full-blown scars. They don't look good on any part of your ride, your Nissan D21 grille included. And just like scratches and dings, dents can be caused by a lot of things. Colliding with another vehicle is of course one. Another is by hitting the mailbox as you drive out of your garage. Regardless of how you got a dent (or dents, if you're that unlucky) on your grille, removing it a can be a pain. Yes, they can be removed, at least (unlike scars). There are several ways to do that-dry ice, plungers, and the conventional hammer are some of these.

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  • Maintenance Tips: Nissan D21 Grille

    A Nissan D21 grille definitely looks good. And you'd want to keep it that way for sure. Below are some tips on how to do just that:

    Give your grille a bath every now and then.

    A nice bath would most certainly be welcomed by your Nissan D21 grille. By doing so, all the dirt, dust, and mud that's on it will be washed away. If any of those is left sitting on your grille for an extended amount of time, it'll settle on your grille and become harder to remove. That's why it's advised that you clean your grille every once in a while. It isn't hard work, anyway. A bit of your time, a clean piece of cloth or rug, dish soap, and water is all that's needed.

    If it's the first time you're going to clean your Nissan D21 grille in years, streaks and stains may have already formed on it as a result of not wiping off the dirt, dust, and mud all this time. And these streaks and stains can be really persistent-you won't find it easy to eliminate them as plain soap and water will most probably be ineffective. You'll need to turn to cleaning agents in this case. You can either use the branded cleaning solutions that are sold in most auto parts stores or distilled vinegar, which is a common household item. If you choose to be thrifty and go for the latter, you'd have to mix it with warm water. Grab a clean piece of cloth or rag and dip it into the vinegar-water solution. Wipe your grille thoroughly with it. The streaks and stains should come off after doing that.

    Give your grille some shine.

    While cleaning your Nissan D21 grille is already good as is, you might want to go the extra mile by polishing it as well. Polishing your grill regularly goes a long way in preserving its good looks. And doing so doesn't take a lot of effort at all. All you have to do is to pour an adequate amount of polishing solution on a clean cloth or rag. Wipe the entire area of your grille with it. Continue applying polish until you achieve your desired shine.