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Nissan D21 Mirror

Nissan D21 Mirror: Common Complaints You Might Encounter

Your Nissan D21 mirror is an essential part of your driving because it helps you see the cars and pedestrians on the streets. However, a malfunctioning mirror can be a serious problem because you will have a difficult time maneuvering the vehicle when you can't see the road clearly. If you suddenly notice that your car's mirror is acting up, then you have to perform troubleshooting immediately. Here are some of the common problems you might encounter:

Electric side mirror not functioning

When your Nissan D21 electric mirror is not functioning, you won't be able to adjust it using the control switch located on your car's dashboard. You can move the mirror manually by nudging the mirror's glass, but it will difficult to achieve the exact position that you want. Aside from that, adjusting the mirror with your hands using too much force may risk damaging some parts of the mirror assembly. What you should do instead is to check the fuse of your Nissan D12 mirror because it might be blown. Since you'll be checking the fuse, you should also inspect the condition of the connectors.

Discolored side mirror

A brownish discoloration happens mostly on a side mirror with a heater inside it. The substance could have leaked from the side mirror's motor. However, you should still check if it is rust stain on the edges of the side mirror's glass because the film on the mirror's surface might have corroded. When this happens, you should replace the mirror immediately. Otherwise, the oil may completely drain and cause the entire assembly to malfunction.

Whistling noise coming from outside the vehicle

There can be different reasons why there's a whistling sound from your car while you're cruising down the road. First one is the roof rack. If you have a roof rack on your truck, the sound may be caused by the wind that's hitting it at high speeds. However, if you don't have a roof rack, the sound may possibly come from the side mirror. When you notice that the sound does come from the side of your pickup truck, particularly the side mirror, you can stuff the small crevasse of the mirror's housing with felt insulation to minimize the noise.

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  • Drive on a Safer Road with a Good Nissan D21 Mirror

    Your Nissan D21 mirror is an important part of your truck because it ensures that you have a good visual of the vehicles and pedestrians behind and on the sides of your pickup. However, the mirror can be easily affected by the harmful elements like the sun's UV rays and pollution since it's mounted on the outside of the vehicle. To help you keep it working properly amidst the environmental factors, here are some maintenance tips you can easily perform in your own garage.

    Clean your side mirror regularly.

    An effective and affordable way to keep your Nissan D21 mirror in good condition is by regularly cleaning it especially if water spots have stained the mirror's glass. You can use a cup of white vinegar and two cups of water to remove the spots off the side mirror. Just wipe it gently on the mirror's surface using a sponge or a lint-free rag. When there are scratches on the mirror that can't be wiped away easily, you can use a car scratch remover and a clean rag to rub them off.

    Inspect the side mirror assembly.

    Another way of maintaining your pickup truck's side mirror is by checking its parts periodically. To do this correctly, you just have to remove the glass from the side mirror housing and check the condition of the parts behind it. Since the glass is removed from the housing, you can use the adjustment control to move the parts and observe if the parts if they are functioning properly. You can also clean the inside of the housing by removing dirt or water that might have seeped in.

    Perform a routine checkup on the side mirror's control switch and wires.

    Checking the alignment of your truck's mirror before you drive is a good habit. That's why you should also inspect the mirror's adjustment control switch if it's functioning properly. Aside from the switch, you must also visually inspect the condition of the wire. This is a good way to detect potential problems and to plan a good solution to prevent any problem from worsening.