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Nissan D21 Seat Belt

Things That Could Go Wrong with Your Nissan D21 Seat Belt

Your Nissan D21 seat belt is installed in your truck for a good reason-to keep you safe on the road and to prevent injury during an accident. However, your seat belt may not function properly as it should, and that opens the possibility of you hurting yourself, or worse, become a casualty of a collision. Outlined below are some of the common issues you may have encountered with your safety belt and some ways on how to troubleshoot the problem.

Buckle malfunction

You know that you've buckled yourself to safety when you hear that distinct click after inserting the latch into the buckle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case-seat belts sometimes latch in falsely, which means that you'll hear the latch tick, but the belt is not inserted properly. Passengers have been thrown from their seats onto the dashboard because of this defect. Replace the buckle if your seat belt feels loose or if it unlatches automatically without you pressing the release button.

Tattered webbing

Although they're made from hardwearing materials, seat belts are not impervious to wearing out. One of the most common design flaws is the seat belts' tendency to fray. The ragged edges on the strap of your seat belt mean the webbing has begun to tear. The webbing is supposed to strengthen the seat belt and enable it to withstand extreme force during hard braking and collisions. However, the tearing keeps the straps from holding you in place. As a precautionary measure, replace the strap right away once you notice the first signs of fraying. The strap can no longer be repaired, and it's best that you install a new one to prevent injuries.

Jammed seat belt strap

Sometimes, seat belts fail to retract even if you press the release button. This may be due to some kinks inside the buckle that prevent the seat belt from pulling back into its original position. This is not only cumbersome, but also dangerous especially when you need to get out of your vehicle immediately after an accident. Gently tug on the strap to release the belt. Once you're able to free yourself, get a screwdriver to pry off the plastic cover on the buckle. Smoothen any belt tangle you find and remove any stuck object inside the mechanism.

  • Make Your Nissan D21 Seat Belt Last Longer

    Built to withstand extreme force, your Nissan D21 seat belt goes through a lot of pressure when in use. Although it's made from hardwearing materials that can take a lot of beating, your truck's seat belt is still prone to damage. Here are some ways on how you can keep your Nissan D21 seat belt in excellent condition at all times:

    Always check the seat belt tension before driving your truck.

    Does the belt fit you snugly? Does it become loose without you releasing it? Does it retract without any problem? Driving around with defective seat belts could get you into trouble, so make sure that your vehicle's belts are working fine at all times.

    Remove grime and stains from the seat belt strap.

    You might not notice it from the onset, but stains and grime buildup can deteriorate seat belt material. Although nylon (what most seat belt straps are made from) is strong, it is not resistant to fraying. Clean out dirt buildup and the tarnish before your seat belt becomes tattered. Use mild cleaning materials on the seat belt to remove dirt without tearing on the straps. Brushing the strap to remove dirt is fine, as long as you don't apply too much pressure.

    Repair seat belt hitches before they become worse.

    Seat belts have the tendency to become stuck due to frequent and improper use. The straps may be jammed inside the buckle, or the buckle itself could become faulty. In such scenarios, you can either repair or replace the defective part. Most of the time, a replacement is always a good call especially if you are unsure of your DIY car-mechanic skills. Safety is something that should never be compromised, so do not drive your truck without fixing your seat belts first.

    Clean the seat belt mechanism regularly.

    The nooks in the seat belt mechanism are home to dirt and debris. Dust accumulation could hamper the efficiency of the seat belt in keeping you safe in your vehicle. Pry open the seat belt mechanism and clean away all the dirt that's accumulated inside it.