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Nissan Fog Light

The lovely, creeping fog permeates the place where Stephen King's short story "Strawberry Spring" is set. Here the reader is introduced to New Sharon College where a horrific set of murders is being committed by a serial killer known as Springheel Jack. The yet unknown killer has a penchant for killing during Strawberry Spring, a season characterized by very thick fog that is capable of covering everything like a strange shroud. Bodies turn up during this time of the year as Springheel Jack continues with his affair with the fog, an ally conceals him as he performs his grisly acts.
It is not just Springheel Jack which thick fog has the ability to conceal. It is also capable of concealing cars that are running side by side on the same road. Accidents can happen during foggy situations when it is difficult for drivers to see other vehicles around them. This predicament ushered in the development of the contraption known as the fog light.
Not all vehicles are equipped with fog lights. Those that employ such, however, are a lot more protected than those which are not. Fog lights are the ones which enable drivers to spot other vehicles as other drivers are able to spot his. This way, collisions that might occur during situations as difficult are avoided altogether
The employment of fog lights proves to be a lot advantageous. This is especially so if the ones in use are Nissan fog lights. Fog lights that deck Nissan vehicles guarantee their owners that they have no way of getting lost amidst thick fog that is capable of swallowing them up like a leviathan. Nissan fog lights also prove to be long lasting as they need not be replaced in a very long time.
Navigating vehicles through thick fog is a daunting task. This problem is addressed by the existence of Nissan fog lights on vehicles which employ them. In weather conditions such as this, it pays to have exceptional fog lights in tow. Nobody knows if Springheel Jack is waiting to catch up on him in the lovely, creeping fog.

  • Closer Look at Nissan Fog Light

    If your vehicle did not come equipped with a Nissan fog light system from the factory, an aftermarket fog light kit would be a wise investment for safety in poor weather conditions. The Nissan fog light can be a great asset in for driver visibility in a number of situations. Your standard headlight is sufficient for night driving in good weather, but the reflective quality of thick swirling fog can render them nearly useless, sometimes they can be more of an impairment to visibility than a help in such conditions. The high beams are certainly no use in foggy conditions, they reflect terribly against the fog, blinding you completely in most cases. The Nissan fog light on the other hand, is designed specifically for such conditions, mounted below the headlight to give a wider beam, low and to the side of your vehicle, avoiding reflection of the fog and illuminating the road for much better visibility. The Nissan fog light can offer better illumination in heavy driving rain or wind blown snow as well, giving you more visibility for safer driving. There are a number of Nissan fog light options, from the traditional amber to the newer halogen bright white styles, and the latest high intensity discharge, or HID Nissan fog light. Most Nissan fog light kits are reasonably quick and easy to install with a few basic tools. We carry a quality selection of the Nissan fog light in our online catalog, all at great prices. 'Our secure site will make ordering your Nissan fog light quick and efficient, or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.