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Nissan Frontier Bumper Guard

A Nissan Frontier bumper guard is considered as the vehicle's first line of defense. It is installed to sort of function the way shock absorbers do by taking in the impact brought by the bump and preventing further damage on the Frontier. Aside from this, the bumper guard also prevents the front bumper, fender, and hood from potentially damaging debris like rocks, twigs, sand, mud, and leaves. But how would you know when your truck's bumper guard is defective beyond repair? Here are some things to watch out for:

Cracks and minor scratches

This is probably the easiest things to spot on your Nissan Frontier bumper guard. When you see cracks, scratches, or dents on your truck's bumper guard, this only means that it calls for attention. This kind of damage, no matter how minor it may seem, could mean that there is a bigger problem on your bumper guard. And in order to prevent it from causing bigger concerns on the truck, then you should start re-assessing the condition of the bumper guard. You can simply remove the bumper guard from the assembly and inspect the entire accessory. Look for holes, cracks, dents, or scratches on the bumper guard and decide whether to re-install it on the truck or get a new one from your trusted supplier.

Constant clacking sound

Hearing a constant clacking sound while driving may also be a manifestation of an underlying problem on the bumper guard. But there is nothing much to worry about as the sound may only be due to a minor glitch on the way the guard was drilled onto the vehicle. You can easily solve this problem by checking the bumper guard. If you notice this while driving, you can pull over for a while and look for some problems for a few minutes. You can also try tugging on the bumper guard to check if it is properly attached or if it is going to fall off at any moment. If you think the bumper guard can hold it until you reach your destination, then you can simply endue the clacking sound although it could be very distracting. But if you have your tools with you, you can quickly remove the bumper guard and re-install it properly.

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  • Thins to Check on your Nissan Frontier Bumper Guard

    If you want to be sure that your Nissan Frontier bumper guard stays in good working condition, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. And by doing so, you are effectively prolonging the life of your truck's bumper guard, not to mention that you are also keeping the truck looking good as new. Find out how by reading these tips:

    • Follow the proper cleaning procedure.
    • In cleaning the Nissan Frontier bumper guard, there is a certain procedure that needs to be followed. This process ensures that the bumper guard is well taken care of and that it is handled properly. Secure all the cleaning materials needed, particularly the cleaning solution and sponge. These are the ones you should use in removing dirt from the bumper protector such as mud, dust, and other road particles.
    • Prepare enough water for rinsing.
    • After getting rid of dirt on the bumper guard, it is necessary to rinse it of all the cleaning solutions you have used. You have the option to splash water on the protector or wipe it off using a non-abrasive cloth. If you opt to wipe the cleaning solution off the bumper guard, make sure that you use something with soft material like cotton. The wiping process could take so much of your time, though, so if you are in a rush, it would be better to simply splash water all over the bumper guard.
    • Schedule a habitual cleaning plan for the bumper guard.
    • Despite the fact that you clean your Nissan Frontier as often as you could, there have surely been times when you missed out on the bumper guard. This is because you are focused on removing grime from other parts of the truck, which you deem as the most important ones. So in order to keep the bumper guard in great condition, make sure that you come up with a constant cleaning schedule for it. This lessens the possibility for dirt to accumulate and cause damages on your bumper protector.
    • Inspect the bumper guard's condition regularly.
    • If you are scheduling regular cleaning for your Frontier's bumper guard, take the time to inspect its condition as well. This way, you would know when there are defects or signs of deterioration on the bumper guard. Sometimes, people forego bumper guard inspection thinking that nothing is wrong with theirs. This is a common problem among truck drivers because regular inspection is really necessary. All you need to do is look at the entire bumper guard carefully to spot some cracks or hitches on the part.