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Nissan Frontier Tailgate Handle

If a person can figure the capability of a truck just by the way it looks, then that person can certainly tell that the Nissan Frontier is a very capable one. But if appearance is simply not enough, then let the Nissan Frontier show you what it really is all about. In both King Cab and Crew Cab versions, the truck provides its owner with a cargo bed large enough to carry any amount of cargo. All models of the truck, except for the very base trim, also features a top-of-the-class V6 engine that enables them to tow up to 6,500 lbs of load. And if all of these still don't spell capability for you, then let the truck's spacious interior and 4x4 drive train option convince you.

The capability of a truck relies much on its parts as much as on its design and engineering. A truck, of course, wouldn't be able to perform all its functions well if not equipped with parts that are fully functional. For a very capable truck like the Nissan Frontier, you can expect nothing less. Aside from being functional, Nissan Frontier parts are also tough and rigid, allowing them to survive many hazards and damages. And they are also elegant, giving the truck just the kind of look it deserves.

Among the many functional, tough, rigid and elegant parts that Nissan Frontier trucks are equipped with are the Nissan Frontier tailgate handles. These parts may be small and may not look critical at all for the truck's overall performance, but they nonetheless perform a specific part that makes the truck more functional. For one, lowering and lifting the tailgate for the loading and unloading of cargos becomes easier with tailgate handles. The stylishness of Nissan Frontier tailgate handles also make the tail end of the Nissan Frontier look good and elegant.

Aside from the stock tailgate handles installed on Nissan Frontiers, there are also a lot of replacement and aftermarket tailgate handles available in the market. Available in black, painted or chrome finish, these stylish handles can make the tail end of your Nissan Frontier look distinct and more elegant.

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  • Tips on Taking Care of Your Nissan Frontier Tailgate Handle 22 February 2013

    What seems to be a great day is ruined when you open your car's tailgate. What happened? Your hand is cut by a broken handle or smudged with what seems to be tar or oil. To think that the great day could've continued if you only took care of your Nissan Frontier tailgate handle. Avoid this by following the simple tips listed below.

    Keep your Frontier indoors as much as possible

    Tailgate handles are made of plastic, making them prone to melting. Although not to the point where it becomes goo, a melted tailgate handle would feel like tar or oil has been applied on the handle. Constant exposure to the sun's rays can do that so it would be best to park your car indoors as much as possible.

    Be careful when you shave it

    Drivers often shave their car's tailgate handle to get that customized look. However, this should never be done by roughly rubbing sandpaper on the handle. Doing so damages not only the tailgate handle but the car's paint and finish as well. Purchasing a correct kit for the job is essential in this case because it would give you custom-fit parts.

    Also when shaving your Nissan Frontier tailgate handle, remember to: one, to remove the handle using a ratchet and socket, not brute force; two, make sure that the welding job goes smoothly with the tailgate's surface; and three, spray four to five THIN coats of paint over the primer to avoid runs in the paint.

    Go chrome

    Drivers sometimes prefer that their car's tailgate handle cover is chrome-plated for a mirror finish and better durability. There are a number of ways to go about this: installing a chrome handle, dipping the handle in chrome, and spray-coating the stock handle. We recommend to coat it rather than replace the stock part for a couple of reasons: one, it saves you the hassle of searching a handle compatible to your car; two, having the part dipped in chrome is expensive; three, it wouldn't require you to remove the handle from the vehicle which risks damaging the part and the area around it.

    There are chrome tailgate handle cover kits sold in the market. Go DIYer and you can finish the job in 10 minutes.

  • Nissan Frontier Tailgate Handle Problems and Ways to Solve Them 22 February 2013

    You should expect that a part you are constantly pulling and grasping hard is bound to break at some point. Your Nissan Frontier tailgate handle can handle only so much pressure; it can break, melt, or fall apart. To help you when these situations arise, here are some simple ways to solve them.

    It snapped

    Stock tailgate handles installed on Nissan Frontiers are usually plastic, making them a lot easier to snap. Hard grips and sudden pulls on the handle are enough to have you searching for a replacement handle.

    The way to go about a snapped tailgate handle depends on how much of a crack you can handle on your car. If you think that a small chip is negligible, go on with your life; if you go a bit crazy on how your car looks, then a replacement is the way to go. You could superglue the piece back but that isn't really visually attractive and does not really ensure that the piece won't fall out again.

    It melted

    Given that it is plastic, you should expect it to melt. A melted handle would feel like there is tar, oil, or some solvent on it when you touch it. You may think that it must be freaking hot for a handle to melt. However, it doesn't really require piercing laser beams to melt the tailgate handle; constant exposure to the sun's ray is enough to slowly weaken the material.

    You may want to replace the handle immediately unless you are fine with touching what seems like playdough. You could go for tailgate handles that are not made of plastic so that you can avoid this problem again.

    It's loose

    A loose Nissan Frontier tailgate handle would mean that it is too deep or too loose for the tailgate cover. This is more of a problem of drivers who have second-hand Frontiers.

    There are two reasons that may have caused this: one, the previous owner may have changed the tailgate which is not compatible with the stock handle; two, the previous owner may have replaced the stock handle with one that is not compatible with the rest of the assembly. Regardless the case, solving this is just a matter of getting a handle that is compatible with the tailgate cover.