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Nissan Hood

The Nissan Maxima Hood has Zone Body construction that incorporates a high-intensity cabin structure with cross-members and reinforcements. Front and rear crumple zones help absorb impact energy before it reaches the passenger compartment. Hood buckling creases allow the hood to buckle at predetermined points, helping prevent it from intruding into the passenger compartment in certain frontal impacts. On the outside, the new Nissan Maxima is dressed for attention. Styling cues from the new Z include a sculpted hood and a nose that dips low toward the road. Some hoods for your Nissan Altima are made of carbon fiber with UV protected gel coat that won't fade.

Steel reinforcement beam and proven to be more durable than all others A wrap-around design available at car parts online store gives your Nissan Altima hood a sleek aerodynamic appearance. Allows for easy hood cleaning and waxing. It is made of rugged impact-modified acrylic; the design helps protect your hood from damage by rocks and bugs. A raised area on a hood with a front- or rear-facing opening is called hood scoop. Many hoods are manufactured with a built-in scoop, but a scoop also can be added to a smooth hood. Scoops often are made from steel fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Some hood scoops are purely for show and only look like they have an opening. Others have a front-facing opening to feed the motor cooler air from outside the engine compartment, which improves performance because cool air is denser than warm air. Still other scoops feature a rear-facing opening to vent hot under hood air; this style often is referred to as a cowl induction hood.