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Nissan Knock Sensor

The Nissan knock sensor helps to keep your vehicle running efficiently, monitoring the engine for vibration that indicates detonation in the combustion chamber, rather than the clean burn of fuel that should happen. If the Nissan knock sensor detects detonation it sends a voltage signal to the computer, which will adjust engine timing, stopping the detonation. The Nissan knock sensor is mounted in one of three places on the engine, either the engine block, the cylinder head, or the intake manifold. With the monitoring function of the Nissan knock sensor and the computer, the engine can run very close to the detonation point safely, allowing the best power and efficiency to be produced by the engine. If the Nissan knock sensor fails, it is unable to transmit its signal when detonation, or engine knock begins, so the timing will not be adjusted to correct the situation allowing the knock to continue. If the Nissan knock sensor is not replaced promptly, the knock will continue, causing poor engine performance, excess fuel consumption, and possibly causing severe engine damage. The Nissan knock sensor is an inexpensive and easily changed component, but its neglect can be the cause of very expensive and unnecessary repairs to your vehicle, making its maintenance very important to the proper care of your engine. We carry a quality selection of the Nissan knock sensor in our user-friendly online catalog, all at great prices. Our live help service, featured on our site, will be happy to assist you if you need help choosing the right Nissan knock sensor for your vehicle. Ordering on our secure site is safe and easy, or you can use our toll-free phone line to place your Nissan knock sensor order.