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Nissan Maxima Bumper Covers

Things That Could Reduce the Efficiency of Your Nissan Maxima Bumpers

Nissan Maxima bumper covers may improve the way your car looks, but they're more than just accessories used to dress up your vehicle. Designed to withstand the impacts of a collision, bumper covers also protect fragile vehicle parts such as the headlights, grille, and taillights. Because of their location on a vehicle, bumper covers go through wear and tear quickly. Here are some issues that you might have encountered with your Nissan Maxima bumper covers:

Loosely fitted bumper cover

If you notice that your bumper cover doesn't sit flush against the bumper of your car, it could be due to misaligned fasteners on the cover. The bumper cover could fall off anytime, giving you less protection for your vehicle. To ensure a snug fit of the bumper cover, you need to remove the fasteners and slide out the cover. When you put back the bumper cover, make sure that all the fasteners are in place.

Cracks on the surface

A bumper cover may sustain cracks upon vehicle collision. Small cracks are easy to repair, but big fissures may require more time to patch up. If the damage is too big and beyond repair, there is nothing else that you can do but to replace the bumper cover. To assess how much damage was sustained, you need to do a simple visual inspection of the cover. On most occasions, you'll need to unfasten the bumper from the car to see if any other parts of your vehicle are also damaged. Filler putty works great in closing the gaps on the surface of the bumper. Once you've already plastered over the cracks, you can repaint the whole bumper cover to match the color of the rest of your vehicle.

Dents on the bumper cover

Dents are common among bumper covers since they absorb most of the impact from collisions. The good news, however, is that it's the only part that's affected in your vehicle. Similar to cracks, dents can be easily spotted through a quick look at the bumper cover surface. Most dents can be fixed by warming up the affected area with a blow dryer. That should soften the bumper cover material, making it easy for you to reshape it. If the dents are too big, you'll need the help of a wooden mallet to push out the indentation.

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  • Three Simple Ways of Making Your Nissan Maxima Bumper Covers Last

    Let's face it: Overtime, your Nissan Maxima bumper covers will no longer be able to hold up to collisions. It did an excellent job in protecting your car from the usual wear and tear, as evidenced by the scratches and dents on the covers. It also dressed up your vehicle beautifully with its sleek but fierce look. However, those things can only last for long. Nevertheless, you can do something to make your Nissan Maxima bumper covers last longer and perform better.

    Regularly inspect the bumper cover for dents and cracks.

    Small dings on your bumper cover can grow into one big nuisance. Keep bumper cover problems at bay by doing a routine check of your bumper cover after every drive. Doing a visual inspection of the front and back bumper covers will give you a heads up whether you need to replace the covers or repair them. Repairing the covers is a much cheaper option, but this depends on how bad the damage to the cover is (in case there is any).

    Always check your bumper covers for alignment.

    Bumper covers sometimes get unfastened from the vehicle. This does not only reduce the efficiency of the bumper covers in absorbing energy from collision, but it also puts the covers under a lot of stress. Check the fasteners that hold the bumper cover if they are all aligned. If not, you need to remove the bumper cover and slide it on again to make sure that it sits flush against the vehicle.

    Smoothen the scratches on the covers.

    Having scrapes on your bumper covers is inevitable. Although the scratches do not impede the performance of the covers, the unsightly marks make your vehicle look unkempt. To maintain the overall polished look of your car, you need to smoothen out all the scratches. Sanding the affected area with 120-grit sandpaper works well, but be careful not to sand off an area more than you should. A coating or two of primer will help the paint adhere to the bumper cover more efficiently. It will also prevent the paint from flaking off much sooner.