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Nissan Murano Struts

Common Problems of the Nissan Murano Struts

The struts of your Nissan Murano improves the ride quality and driving control of the vehicle. Together with the shock absorbers, it takes part of the suspension system and helps keep the car manageable at all times. But just like all the other automotive parts available, the struts also get worn out and busted after some time. Although the Nissan Murano can still work and give out a great performance even without the struts, a lot of people still prefer having them installed on their vehicles. And because of this, it has become very essential for car owners to know the most common manifestations of problems on the Nissan Murano struts. For those who have no idea about these, here they are:

Rattling sound

If you have a busted strut, it normally produces a rattling or clacking sound from somewhere inside the vehicle. The sound becomes more noticeable whenever you drive the vehicle on a bumpy road or make sudden corner turns. If the sound has been present for quite some time, it is likely that the struts of your Nissan Murano are in need of immediate repair or replacement.


Hydraulic leaks are also very common on damaged struts. Since they have almost the same purpose as shock absorbers, the struts also suffer from the same problems as the dampers. Leaks are often caused by cracks or holes on the main body of the struts. It releases a considerable amount of hydraulic fluid used in producing tension for the whole suspension system. Once you spot cracks on your struts, try to fix them immediately by putting sealant on the part.

Front-end diving

Front-end diving is another sign that your struts are being problematic. It can easily be identified because the vehicle makes a forward-dipping motion each time you press on the brakes, especially when you are not going on a full speed. It may also appear as if the front-end of your car is sagging, and this is because the struts could no longer support its weight from that area.

Shaking and vibration

Lastly, worn-out Nissan Murano struts may also cause the vehicle to become too shaky every time you drive on an uneven road. There is also a feeling of vibration that reduces ride quality and causes the vehicle to move uncontrollably.

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  • Tips in Keeping the Nissan Murano Struts Working Well

    When your Nissan Murano struts are not in their best working condition, it becomes more and more difficult to control the vehicle. Your driving skills are also constantly being put to test because other people may think that you are not capable of driving smoothly, not knowing that the problems relaly lies on your suspension system. So in order to improve your Murano's performance and save your face as well, here are some of the most effective ways to help keep your struts in good shape:

    • Inspect your struts regularly.
    • Regular inspection of your struts can be of great help because it allows you to have a visual of the current state of your struts and the rest of your car's suspension system. Through this, you get an idea of the appearance of your struts and become familiar with how they really look like. Also, a having a regular inspection helps you spot noticeable changes on the material and gauge whether they are in need of repairs or not.
    • Follow the proper installation process carefully.
    • If you are performing a replacement procedure on your Nissan Murano, it is very important to follow the right installation instructions. Otherwise, you might risk damaging other parts on your suspension system and causing more problems on the vehicle. You have to always be careful when tinkering with parts of your car because most of them are very sensitive. Also, putting them in the wrong positions might hinder the struts and the whole suspension system from functioning accordingly.
    • Do the bounce test once in a while.
    • The bounce test is always necessary when troubleshooting and assessing the condition of a vehicle's suspension system. And for you to know whether your struts are still working well or not, it is very important to perform the bounce test. This will help you determine if the struts are still capable of stabilizing your car or when it might be time for you to get a replacement for them. The bounce test is very simple and it does not require any tool in the process. You just have to lean on a particular corner of your car and press it down hard to see if it will bounce up and down several times.