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Nissan Oil Pan

On occasion the Nissan oil pan is damaged by an unfortunate driving incident -- a high curb, a speed bump, a ditch - and needs to be replaced. Sometimes, though rarely, its parts, particularly the plug, just wear out from use, the threads get stripped and cause the Nissan oil pan to have a serious leak. In any event, replacing the oil pan is neither excessively expensive nor exceptionally difficult. We carry a full selection of aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for your vehicle, including the right Nissan oil pan for your year and model. It's not a terribly expensive part, especially when you shop with us, and you can expect the Nissan oil pan replacement you receive from us to last for years, provided - of course - that there is not another unfortunate incident that causes direct damage to the unit. Most Nissan oil pan replacements are made of steel or aluminum, and serve as a reservoir for oil, making it available to the engine on demand. The installation of your new Nissan oil pan will not be a difficult project, and can be accomplished with the contents of the average home toolbox, even if you are not a certified automotive service technician. However, it should be noted that there are certain safety precautions that should be taken when installing your Nissan oil pan, or any other part in which you are working underneath the vehicle. Jack stands or a good set of ramps are a must -- don't forget to block the rear tires -- and it really is a good idea to use safety goggles or glasses, so that flaking rust or debris doesn't end up in your eyes, possibly even scratching your corneas. You can order your new Nissan oil pan online or via our toll-free telephone number.