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Nissan Pathfinder Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Nissan Pathfinder Exhaust Manifold Gasket: Diagnosing Problems and Quick Fix Solutions

We all need to let off some steam from time to time when the pressure builds up too much, and it's the same kind of thing that your Nissan Pathfinder-or any vehicle, for that matter-needs too. In fact, with every cycle that your engine runs through, it reaches a point where it needs to let all the heat and by-products out into the world to start the cycle again-several times in a few seconds, in fact. The key here, however, is correct timing. An engine does all the things it does-even release exhaust gases-at the right time. With a damaged exhaust manifold gasket, the timing of your system might be thrown off by premature discharge. Here are a few signs to watch out for to find out if your vehicle's gasket is on the fritz, including quick solutions you can do to address them.

Rough engine-without the "check engine" light coming on

If you notice that the engine is particularly rough-yet the indicator doesn't seem to peg the problem down to the engine itself-it might be caused by a leak somewhere along the lining of the gasket that is throwing the timing of the engine cycle off. This is a much better alternative to the actual engine unit itself being completely messed up. If you notice this symptom, immediately pull over to the side of the road, shut down the engine, and inspect the exhaust manifold gasket for any damage or breaches. No matter how small the breach is, cover it up immediately with epoxy putty so you can keep going-but replace the entire gasket when you have the chance.

Whistling noises under the hood

Another symptom that's much harder to detect is a whistling noise coming from under the hood. This is caused air being forced out smaller breaches in the exhaust manifold gasket. You're not likely to hear anything if the breach is too big. If you hear it, it's best to seal off the damaged or breached areas along the exhaust manifold gasket-until you get a viable replacement.

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  • Keeping your Nissan Pathfinder Exhaust Manifold Gasket in Tiptop Condition

    Sometimes, when the pressure gets to high, you just have to let out a little steam sometimes. That's exactly the same kind of thing that the hard-working engine in your Nissan Pathfinder needs as well. Enter the exhaust manifold. It's designed to release all the heat and pressure that your internal combustion engine builds up as it works to keep your car moving-all at precisely the right time. That last bit is important. If there are any leaks prior to release, the engine becomes that extra bit inefficient. That's where the tiny exhaust manifold gasket comes in. This little trooper is responsible for keeping the pressure in until it's that right time to let it all out. That's why caring for it should be a top priority-and here's how you do it:

    Pop the hood and inspect it.

    The simplest thing you can do to keep your exhaust manifold gasket well taken care of is really to keep tabs on it. Every month or so, pop the hood and take a look at the gasket. The most common damage that the exhaust manifold gasket will experience is wearing and tearing on its edges. This is caused by heat and even caustic solvents eating away at the material. While this type of damage does not necessarily mean that the gasket's seal is immediately compromised-it's clearly getting there. You should not wait around for the seal to be compromised lest it mess up the functioning of your engine. You could repair it, but it's safer and more cost-effective to purchase a replacement.

    Clean it carefully.

    Keeping your gasket clean is very basic and far simpler than you might imagine-you don't have to water it down and soap it up. You just have to take a clean rag and gently pat the surface to make sure are dirt, water, or oil is removed. Note that we didn't say wipe. The action of wiping the gasket might cause enough friction to damage it-thus doing more harm than good. Just do this every month-and bulk in an inspection while you're at it-and it will help extend the service life of your Nissan Pathfinder exhaust manifold gasket.