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Nissan Pathfinder Fog Light

Different driving conditions offer different driving hazards and it just feel good that Nissan have equipped the Nissan Pathfinder with loads of safety features that would surely be handy in any sort of mishap. With curtain air bags, side air bags, active front head restrains and the LATCH system, every Nissan Pathfinder driver and passenger would surely feel safer and a lot more comfortable on the road. But wouldn't it sound safer for you if you know that your Nissan Pathfinder is also equipped with various components that would help you avoid accidents?

There are, in fact, a lot of components installed in the Nissan Pathfinder that can help you avoid accidents. Among them are the major vehicle lights installed all over the SUV. The headlights illuminate the road ahead while the taillights make the rear end of your vehicle clearly visible to be noticed by other drivers behind your SUV. Some weather conditions, however, can make these lights virtually useless and may require you to install special lights to make driving safer.

A particular condition when the headlights would simply be useless is when driving through fog, snow, sleet or heavy rains. The high beam lights illuminated by the vehicle's headlights would simply bounce off these precipitates, making the already blurry path less visible. In such conditions, fog lights would surely come in handy. Good thing, all Nissan Pathfinder models, except for the base trim, come standard with Nissan Pathfinder fog lights. These Nissan Pathfinder fog lights are also available as optional equipments for the base Nissan Pathfinder.

So, just how would the fog lights help illuminate the road when the headlights simply can't? The fog lights, which are often integrated with the front bumper or installed just below it, give off low beam lights, as opposed to the high beams illuminated by headlights. This special kind of light has the ability to penetrate through fog, sleet, snow and any other form of precipitation, thus allowing you a better and safer view of the road ahead. With Nissan Pathfinder fog lights, the safeness of your SUV will be maintained in any kind of weather condition.

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