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Nissan Pathfinder Grille Guard

Aggressive and Distinctthat's how one can best describe the style of the Nissan Pathfinder. Housed in a sculpted steel body highlighted on its sides by stylish fender flares, the Nissan Pathfinder undeniably looks muscular on every region. Such muscular body is further graced by tiny details that are distinctively Pathfinder, like the SUV's iconic C-pillar rear-door handles. And what better way is there to finish this aggressive and distinctive styling off than with the very bold and unique Nissan Pathfinder grille.

In the off-road track, however, all the aggressive and distinctive look that is inherent in the Nissan Pathfinder may easily be spoiled. So what can you do to prevent this from happening? There are two possible ways; either you keep your Pathfinder on your garage forever or protect it with the various protective accessories available for it. The second option is generally better. And what better way there is to protect the boldest styling component of your Nissan Pathfinder, the grille, than with an equally stylish Nissan Pathfinder grille guard.

A grille guard is a protective component installed on trucks, vans and SUVs to protect the grille and other parts of the header panel from damages on the off-road track. It is usually made from steel and aluminum tubes with tough rubber push pads and tubular crossbars. Aside from protecting the vehicle from damages, grille guards also serve as styling accessories, providing large vehicles with an urban warrior look. Other name for grill guards are brush guards, bull bars and push bars.

The Nissan Pathfinder does not come standard with a grille guard. The component, however, is available as an accessory and may be purchased from Nissan dealerships and Nissan auto accessory shops. Original Nissan Pathfinder grille guards comes in black-satin powder-coated finish with a style that suit the vehicle's style and body well.

Aside from the original Nissan Pathfinder grill guard, you can also find custom Nissan Pathfinder brush guards from various auto parts sources online. Usually available in chrome or powder-coated finish, these custom Nissan Pathfinder push bars are also available in a variety of style and sizes.

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