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Nissan Pathfinder Mass Air Flow Sensor

Nissan Pathfinder Mass Air Flow Sensor Troubleshooting Tips

The Nissan Pathfinder mass air flow sensor is the component in your engine system that regulates the flow of air, as well as its density, in the combustion chamber. It measures how much air is required by your vehicle for it to function at its most optimal. If it is broken, then there would be no control how much air is being put inside the engine, and your car would fail. To prevent this, here are a couple of signs you should watch out for concerning the mass air flow sensor:

"Check Engine" light is lit

One of the very first signs that indicates that your mass air flow sensor is going bad is when you can read the words "Check Engine" written in large friendly letters on the dashboard. The cause of this is very simple: the ratio of air/fuel inside your engine is off by a considerable amount. The best way to confirm the problem is by getting a digital auto diagnosis sensor. This device is available at your local car shop, and it allows the driver to analyze the problems related to your mass air flow sensor, as well as specify what type of issue it currently has.

Engine problems

A less obvious symptom of a problematic mass air flow sensor concerns your engine. If you start to notice that you are getting less bang for your buck in terms of gas mileage, and you are sure that the engine is not at fault, check your mass air flow sensor. At some point in time, dirt and debris could possibly build up around the part. When this happens, it slowly loses its ability to correctly measure airflow around the engine system. Because of this, it will not be able to regulate the ratio between air and fuel, causing various engine troubles. These could come in the form of sub-par car performance, unwanted vehicle shudders, and even occasional stalls. Remove the mass air flow sensor and see if the wires are still clean. Wires covered with debris, grease, or oil are major factors in hindering the car part from getting a good air flow reading.

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  • Nissan Pathfinder Mass Air Flow Sensor Maintenance Corner

    The mass air flow sensor on your Nissan Pathfinder needs to be working in peak condition all the time. Because of its function of regulating fuel-to-air ratio for your engine, constant maintenance must be done if you do not want to have any performance or mileage issues. With that in mind, here are a few maintenance tips for you to start taking care of it:

    Remove/Reinstall mass air flow sensor properly.

    The mass air flow sensor is located under the hood, just behind the air intake area. It is therefore important that you should know how to remove the part in a correct manner. Failure to do so would result in a wire suddenly snapping or the mass air flow sensor getting damaged. Determine how the part is being held in place. It is usually a choice between bolts, screws, or metal clips. There is also a wiring harness installed in the unit. Simple car tools such a flat-head screwdriver are necessary for easy removal.

    Scan engine regularly.

    A great precaution to do for your vehicle's mass air flow sensor is to scan it using a digital scanner. This device could easily be bought at any auto parts store, and are simply plugged into the circuit box. Once turned on, it reads the computer data the car has and displays a bunch of numeric codes. There is always a reference book that comes with the scanner, and that would tell you if the mass air flow sensor is having any trouble.

    Clean mass air flow sensor carefully.

    When cleaning the mass airflow sensor, use the appropriate mass air flow cleaner housing cleaner or any electronic parts cleaner. Make sure to apply it on every single component of the sensor. After spraying, wipe off any excess cleaner with a smooth towel or cloth. If there is a dirt clump that seems to stick even after wiping, just let it sit for a few minutes, then spray it before trying to wipe it off again. Never, in any way, use a hard brush or any abrasive material. The mass air flow sensor is made up of very delicate and sensitive parts. Harming them in any small manner would cause the part to completely malfunction, forcing you to replace the whole part.