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Nissan Performance Module And Chip

There are so many devices on the market that allow you to add more power to your Nissan, that it may be hard to decide what will give you the most value for the dollar. The Nissan performance chip is a good candidate for the first addition, as it can add a good amount of power for a low price, and it is the easiest of the lot to install. In our online catalog, you will find various versions of the Nissan performance chip, made by several manufacturers. They all have the same basic attributes in common, however. The Nissan performance chip alters the stock engine specifications to get more power. The average engine is not tuned for performance from the factory, but for efficient driving no matter what environment the vehicle is in. When the Nissan performance chip is plugged into the port on the engine's control computer, it starts by adjusting the spark timings and the air-to-fuel ratio for maximum fuel detonation. For high-speed applications, the speed governor is turned off, and several other settings are modified for performance, as well. If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, the Nissan performance chip will adjust the shift points, the shift firmness, and it will raise the value of the RPM limiter. These settings combine to allow the transmission to deliver the extra power smoothly, and also to allow the transmission to use the power available at the upper end of the acceleration curve. If you need to go back to stock conditions, it is as simple as removing the Nissan performance chip. You can order your Nissan performance chip online or you can place your order directly with one of our customer service representatives by dialing our toll-free telephone number.