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Nissan Pickup Ac Compressor

Three Common Nissan Pickup A/C Compressor Issues and Their Solutions

Is the interior of your Nissan Pickup unusually hot even if the A/C is turned on? If your answer is yes, then there could be a problem with your compressor. Although this part is manufactured to last, it can still cause problems over time. So you will know what to do in case your A/C compressor becomes damaged, check out the list below for some of the common issues that you may encounter with this part:

A/C compressor leaks

Over time, the A/C compressor of your Nissan Pickup will become damaged due to various factors. Once this happens, the A/C system might become corroded because of sludge and acids that can be formed once moisture and refrigerant causes a chemical reaction. To find out if your vehicle's compressor is leaking or not, you can try adding some UV dye to the system. However, make sure that you have a black light on hand because this kind of dye requires special illumination before it can be seen. In case you notice UV drips, then you'd better replace the compressor immediately.

Faulty compressor clutch

Another problem that you may encounter with your Nissan Pickup's A/C compressor is having a faulty clutch. Usually, this is caused by old age, but it can also be brought about by melted or broken electromagnet wires. However, no matter what the cause is, the clutch should still be repaired immediately. Otherwise, the compressor will not function properly. To repair the part, you need to use a set of wrenches, a feeler gauge, a ratchet, a set of sockets, and a pair of snap-ring pliers. Once you're done, make sure that the clearance between the, feeler gauge, pulley, and the clutch ranges between .013 and .032.

A/C compressor noise

If you're hearing noises from your Pickup's compressor, then you'd better check this part for any damage. Although noises from this part can mean many things, loud squeals usually indicate a jammed clutch. On the other hand, if the noises are like whines and ratchets, then this may mean that you are running low on lubricant. Whatever the cause is, don't forget to top up the system with a can of lubricant. In case the clutch is the problem, then repair this part immediately.

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  • Nissan Pickup A/C Compressor: What to Do to Keep It in Good Shape

    One of the most important parts of your Nissan Pickup's air conditioning system is the A/C compressor. Though oftentimes overlooked, this part is responsible for the first step in your vehicle's cooling process, which is to convert cool, low-pressure gas to a hot, high-pressure one. Because of its role, keeping the compressor in top condition is an important part of car maintenance. Check out the tips and tricks listed below on how you can take care of this part properly:

    Inspect your Nissan Pickup A/C compressor for leaks routinely.

    Even though your vehicle's A/C compressor is built to withstand varying temperatures and engine contaminants, it will still get damaged. For instance, some of its components-the condenser, O-rings, gaskets, and compressor shaft seal-may start to leak fluids due to age. To prevent corrosion and other problems, make sure that you will inspect the compressor for leaks routinely. You can do this by looking for greasy streaks around the hose connections or by using a UV dye that can be traced by a black light. If you do not want to take a risk, then you can just opt to take your vehicle to a service center that uses an electronic leak detector.

    Add oil to your vehicle's A/C compressor when necessary.

    If your Pickup's A/C compressor is low on oil, then you'd better refill it immediately. However, make sure that you will use the right kind to avoid premature corrosion and performance issues. For instance, if the sticker on your compressor says that the refrigerant oil that you need is R134, then you need to purchase this oil. Also, make sure that you will use an air conditioning reclaimer with gauges because releasing refrigerant without this tool is illegal.

    Rebuild your A/C compressor when necessary.

    If you want your Nissan Pickup A/C compressor to last for a long time, then you have to make sure that you will rebuild it after some time. To do this, you have to inspect and uninstall the different components of the compressor. In case there are distorted or compromised parts, replace them with new ones. Just remember that the replacements that you need should be designed to fit your vehicle's make and model.