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Nissan Power Steering Hose

Today, power steering is standard on every Nissan, but when the system breaks down, you will be realize how hard it was before the system became common. A regular point of failure in the power steering system is the Nissan power steering hose. This part forms the link between the power steering pump to the steering column, and a similar hose makes the return trip. When the steering wheel is turned, the power steering pump turns on, driven by a belt. It pressurizes the hydraulic fluid within it, and sends it to the steering column through the Nissan power steering hose, to provide the power the driver needs to turn the wheel. The system operates under extremely high pressure, so as the vehicle ages, and the Nissan power steering hose begins to decay, a leak will eventually form. This will reduce the pressure in the steering circuit, and possibly introduce air into the system. When a replacement is needed, look no further than our convenient online catalog, where you will find that it costs much less than a similar part from the dealership. Our Nissan power steering hose is made to the same quality standards as the original and comes with a full warranty. It is a direct replacement for the leaking hose, so installation will be straightforward. After the Nissan power steering hose is installed, it will be necessary to refill the hydraulic fluid, and bleed the system by leaving the cap off and turning the wheels back and forth to each extreme. In addition to the Nissan power steering hose, our web site has a full assortment of other parts and accessories for most vehicles.