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Nissan Quest Blower Motor

Troubleshooting Nissan Quest Blower Motor Problems

The Nissan Quest blower motor is a combined unit that is composed of a motor and a fan that looks like a hamster wheel. Its function is to draw air from the outside through the heating and cooling elements, and force hot or cold air through the ducting and interior vents. If you notice that the air circulation is weak or the vents work on one speed, there may a problem with your blower motor. You don't need to call the mechanic yet. These simple troubleshooting tips will help you determine and maybe fix the blower motor on your Nissan Quest.

The blower motor only works on one speed, usually high

The problem isn't the fan or the motor, but the resistor. The blower motor resistor controls the speed of the fan (low, high, and mid-range). If the resistor is faulty, the motor bypass the resistor and directly sends power to the blower. As a result, the resistor cannot control the blower speed and you will not be able control it with the A/C switch. Changing the resistor will correct this problem. Refer to the owner's manual to locate the blower motor resistor. Change the resistor and test the blower motor.

Reduced air movement in all speed settings

Again, the resistor can be blamed for this problem. Since it controls the speed of the blower motor, a faulty blower motor resistor may reduce the amount of airflow at different speed settings. This problem can be solved by replacing the resistor.

The blower motor still doesn't work correctly even if everything has been replaced

An average DIY mechanic often go for the obvious-and change the resistor or the fuse or replace the entire motor component-if there's a problem with the blower motor. But if the initial repairs fail, he has nowhere to go. Remember that the system has a ground that is important to complete the circuit. If there's power at all ranges, but there's no response from the motor, check the ground. After a while, ground connection can become loose or corroded, resulting in motor malfunction.

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  • How to Keep Your Nissan Quest Blower Motor Working Perfectly

    The Nissan Quest blower motor works in conjunction with the other parts of the A/C system. If it fails, the A/C unit will not work. If other A/C components fail, the blower motor is practically useless. That said, maintaining the blower motor is as important as maintaining other parts of the vehicle's A/C system. Here are some tips to keep your Nissan Quest blower motor working, as well as other tips that will help your A/C unit work properly:

    • Read the manual.
    • Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for the lifespan of the A/C components including evaporator, compressor, hoses, vents, belts, and blower motor. Over time, these components wear out and need replacement. At the first sign of wear, either replace or repair the faulty component to keep the A/C running properly.
    • Clean the blower motor.
    • Particulates can accumulate in your blower fan. Clean it periodically. This will ensure that the air flowing through the ducting and out of the vents is clean.Also, clean the vents and ducting to ensure that the air flow is not restricted and you get maximum blower speed every time you turn your A/C on.
    • Check the connections.
    • Check the ground for loose connection and corrosion. Ground completes the blower motor circuit. If the ground is loosely connected or corroded, the A/C will work intermittently.There are common A/C problems that are caused by faulty resistor or fuse, so check these components regularly and replace any of them if necessary.
    • Use your A/C to maintain the pressure.
    • Run your A/C unit at least once a month for at least ten minutes. This helps maintain the coolant pressure. It also prevents the A/C hoses from hardening, saving you unnecessary repairs in the future.
    • Watch out for unusual noises.
    • If the blower motor is screeching, the blower shaft might have dried out and the shaft and the bearing are spinning inside the motor housing. This doesn't require blower motor or blower fan replacement. Instead, spray WD-40 through the hole of the motor mount. If it doesn't solve the problem, re-set the bearing to the motor housing.