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Nissan Radiator

A car's auto radiator serves as the heat exchanger of the vehicle to cool down the engine as it reach its maximum operating temperature level. Continuous flow of heat into the engine can cause destruction. To prevent such event, the car is equipped with a cooling system to achieve balance in the temperature range of the engine. Nissan has one of the most efficient auto radiators in the industry. Nissan auto radiators are vital component of the cooling system to protect the engine from the negative effects of excess heat. Its main duty is to cool the hot coolant that flows from the engine. It is made up of two important components; the overflow tanks located on either the top or bottom core of the auto radiator and the core consists of several small flat tubes.

Older vehicles, specifically those models used for five years and up are exposed to greater possibility of cooling system defects. Vehicles that are constantly used for a longer period of time are constantly exposed to changes in environment that can negatively affect the car's cooling system. In cases of hot summers, insufficient amount of cool outside air can affect the systems' performance as time advances. Other chemicals like salt from roads and ocean air can damage the metals making up the auto radiator core. Poor cooling system performance and engine damage can be prevented by having constant check, repair and maintenance. All hoses and tubes connected with the system must be thoroughly checked. The system must be regularly drained, flushed and refilled to prevent rust and corrosion formation.
Flushing of the cooling system must be done once a year to attain its maximum life span. The first thing to do is to cool down the engine. If the auto radiator cap is too hot, it means that the engine is not cool enough to touch. Remove the coolant from the drain plug at the bottom of the auto radiator and replace it with water. Be sure to close it properly to prevent spilling and splattering. Turn the engine on including the heater control to open the heater control valve. Then add cooling system cleaner depending on the required amount of the container and left the engine idle for about 30 minutes. After which, stop the engine and cool it down for five minutes before draining the solution from the system. For a second time, fill the auto radiator with water and left the engine idle for another five minutes. Then, mount new coolant depending on the required type of the vehicle.

  • Closer Look at Nissan Radiator

    The Nissan radiator is an essential part of your cooling system, helping to dissipate the enormous heat produced by the combustion system of your vehicle. Without the heat dissipation activities of the Nissan radiator, the seals and gaskets in your vehicle would melt away, and even the metals in certain areas would melt and warp. There are a variety of ways that your Nissan radiator can be damaged through the years, and you can expect to have to replace it at least once over the lifespan of your vehicle, if you keep it long enough. It is vulnerable to damage from road debris, such as rocks, being thrown up, hitting with enough force to cause a hole, and thus, a leak, as well as road splash, often laden with dissolved salt in the winter months, which can cause corrosion, then leaking. When corrosion occurs on the inside of your Nissan radiator, it can flake off and cause clogs, which will make the radiator fail to function as it should, and will eventually rust right through. When the time comes to replace your Nissan radiator, you'll find just the right replacement in our easy to use online catalog, and at a price that will make the repair of your cooling system affordable. In addition to the reasonable price you'll pay for your Nissan radiator, we enhance your savings further by offering free ground shipping to all orders over $50. Our customer service is excellent, and if you need help choosing the right Nissan radiator replacement for your year and model, you are welcome to use our online live help system. Ordering is always safe and convenient, whether you choose to order online or to order your Nissan radiator by dialing our toll-free telephone number.