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Nissan Sentra Blower Motor

Signs Indicating Problems with Your Nissan Sentra Blower Motor

As a driver, you do not want your cabin neither too hot nor too cold. The air-conditioning system provides you with your preferred temperature especially delivered by your blower motor. Because ride comfort is a very important aspect in driving a car these days, you should take good care of your Nissan Sentra blower motor. Otherwise, not even your best buddy would want to ride your car. Following are some indicators that you need to take a look at your blower motor:

No air blowing

This can be caused by different issues such as bad resistor, faulty ground, or blown fuse. However, if all these electrical components are good, your thermostat may be clogged. Over time, the coolant on your radiator becomes dirty because of a rusty radiator or coolant tank. The dirt particles can get stuck on your thermostat, preventing coolant to flow through it. When this happens, your automatic climate control system would not allow your blower motor to work.

Blower motor does not work on a particular speed

If you experience your blower motor working on three speeds but does not work on one speed, it may be an issue with your resistor. This part is responsible for controlling the amount of electricity the motor receives in order to provide the desired speed. If one or two of the speeds do not work, the resistor may be at fault. What you should do is check the resistor pack for corrosions and replace the corroded and bad resistor.


When you hear a ticking sound every time you turn your Nissan Sentra blower motor on, the motor may be damaged. This problem is more audible at specific speed setups. The ticking sound is caused by the struggling gears inside your blower motor. When these components struggle, it is a sign that they are not biting well anymore due to wear. When you experience this issue, it is advisable to check your blower motor and replace it if it could not be fixed.

Burning odor

Another sign that your blower motor's resistor has gone bad is the smell of burning plastic in your cabin. This is a sign that your resistor has overheated. This is usually coupled with the malfunctioning of your blower motor at particular speed setups. With this, immediately replace the resistor.

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  • Proper Care for Your Nissan Sentra Blower Motor

    These days, comfort is a very crucial feature of a vehicle. It is difficult to ride a car that does not have a working air-conditioning system. Your blower motor plays an important role in this aspect. Without it, your car would not be able to blow warm air during winter and cool air during summer into your cabin. Because of this special function, you need to take good care of your blower motor. Following are some tips you would find interesting and useful:

    Clean your Nissan Sentra blower motor from time to time.

    Your blower motor accumulates dust and other dirt from its everyday use. These contaminants clog the motor and air pathways, making it difficult to cool or warm your car's cabin. With this, you have to make sure your blower motor is always clean from these elements. Doing so would require removal of the blower motor from the engine bay wall of your car. Air compressor is a good tool to get rid of the stuck elements.

    Regularly check the electrical connections of your blower motor.

    Your blower motor works with the electrical system of your car. Because of this, it is prone to different common electrical problems such as blown fuse, bad resistor, and corroded wires. At times, your automatic climate control system may also become faulty. To prevent these, it is advisable to check these electrical components and make sure they are far from problems. When you see any issue, immediately fix it before things get worse.

    Always lubricate your Nissan Sentra blower motor.

    Your blower motor is composed of different gears that turn all the time. Soft connection among these gears is very important to make sure your blower motor is always working well. More so, rough connection can cause these components to wear out. With this, it is recommended to lubricate your blower motor regularly. Grease should be applied on the brass bushings located on your blower motor's squirrel cage.

    Keep rodents away from your blower motor.

    Rodents like to build their nests in your blower motor. These pests cause a lot of costly problems to your car once they decide to settle inside the motor. With this, you have to take precaution and never disqualify the possibility of mouse problems in your car. Spraying mouse repellant around your motor would guarantee protection from these pests.