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Nissan Sentra Grille

The Usual Issues of a Problematic Nissan Sentra Grille

Your Nissan Sentra grille provides protection for some the parts inside the engine compartment, and gives style to your vehicle as well. However, if the grille is not taken care of properly, it can cause some problems that areusually affecting the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. If you already notice that the grille is looking bad instead of making your car look good, then do some troubleshooting immediately. Here are some of the problems you might encounter:

Grille constantly hanging out

A common problem that you might encounter with a Nissan Sentra grille is that it's hanging out or loosely attached. When this happens, you should check if the screws or bolts of the grille are attached tightly or if any of them is already missing. You can simply replace the missing screws or bolts and screw them in position. However, if your car grille has plastic brackets and they have been damaged, it is possible to glue them back again, but it might probably crack once more because of the effect of the engine's high temperature.

Rust on the surface of the grille

If you have installed a steel Nissan Sentra grille on your car, you might suddenly notice the presence of rust on its surface if stones or other debris has previously caused the coating of the grille to peel off. When the chipped portion of the grille reacts to air and water, it will react and soon produce corrosion. If the rust on the surface is still minimal, you can still restore the damaged portion by sanding and repainting it. However, if the rust has spread already through different parts of the grille, then you have to consider restoring the entire grille, sand blasting the whole part, and powder coating it.

Grille coating peeling off

When the protective coating of your chrome grille is peeling off, the grille will look scratched and terrible. It may be due to the aging of the grille or the effect of harmful effect of the sun to grille's coating. However, it may also be caused by the coating's reaction to harmful chemicals you might have used when cleaning the grille. You can use a paint stripper to remove the coating since it's already peeling off in the first place. However, you should be careful not to apply it on the hood of your car or you'll definitely damage your car's paint. When the coating is off, you can apply polish on the chrome immediately to prevent it from tarnishing.

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  • Nissan Sentra Grille: Tips to Keep It Clean and Shiny

    If you want to keep your car looking brand new and in top condition every time you drive down the road, then you should keep your Nissan Sentra grille clean and shiny. Otherwise, dirt and grime will only accumulate on its surface and may be even cause damage on the car part. To help you do just that, here are some cleaning tips you can easily perform in your very own garage to help prevent your grille's early deterioration.

    Clean the grille of your car regularly.

    Cleaning the grille of your car is as easy as washing the entire body. All you need to use are automotive soap, water, soft sponge, and a clean rag. However, if there are already bug stains, dirt, or grime that has dried on the grille's surface, then you should use a degreaser to remove these impurities. It is also advisable to use warm water to rinse the grille, so the degreaser and the impurities will wash away easily. Remember not to use strong chemical cleaners on an aluminum grille because it will destroy the grille's coating.

    Paint the fading surface of the grille.

    If you notice that your Nissan Sentra grille is lacking its shine and appeal, then you should paint it to restore its beauty. To do this correctly, you should sand the entire surface area of the grille first to remove the old coating. Applying a primer, base coat, and clear coat are also essential steps to restore the grille. Remember to use the right type of paint that's applicable to the material used in your car grille.

    Repair your rusted Nissan Sentra grille.

    If you have a steel grille on your Nissan Sentra or your grille has metal plating, then there's a chance that it might corrode if small rocks hit it and cause the paint to chip. When small areas of the grille begin to show rust, you should remove them immediately using a fine steel wool to brush off the rust. You can also try rust-removing products, but you should be careful and apply it on a small portion first. Just remember to remove the entire grille when you do this, so you the other parts of your car will not be affected.