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Nissan Sentra Mirror

How to Troubleshoot Your Nissan Sentra Mirror

Gone are the days when the only purpose of a Nissan Sentra mirror is to let you see what's behind you. Recently, the component has been optimized to solve some of the common issues that drivers have had. For example, with the anti-glare function, you can easily tilt the mirror to avoid getting blinded by the sun's rays during the day or by the vehicles' high-beam headlights at night. The mirror can also have an auto-dimming function. This function prevents glare in a different way-by automatically dimming the component based on the brightness that its sensor detects. However, with these high-tech functions, you are also faced with more problems should the mirror go bad. When you realize that the one in your car is not working as it normally does, it is time for you to troubleshoot.

Listen for running motors

When troubleshooting an electric rear-view mirror in your Nissan Sentra, you don't have to start the engine. Just turn the ignition switch to accessory so you can operate the rear-view mirror control switch and listen. If you can hear the motors running, then there might be a problem with the drive mechanism inside the mirror housing and the component must be replaced.

Check the fuse

If the rear-view mirror electronic functions fail to operate, then the fuse must have blown. Refer to your owner's manual or the fuse box cover to find the fuse diagram. There, you will see which fuse is used for the electric rear-view mirror in your car. Remove that fuse and inspect it. If the small, metal filament inside it appears to be broken or corroded, then replace the fuse.

Inspect the wiring

Just because you have replaced the blown fuse doesn't mean you have already solved the problem. A blown fuse means that a wire must have shorted or opened. To confirm this possibility, look inside the mirror and check for broken or loose wires. The mirror glass should be easy to remove after you carefully take out the hardware holding it.

Test for incoming voltage

If the wires inside the mirror are fine but the functions are still not working, then the component might not be receiving sufficient voltage. To test this hypothesis, dismount the control switch from the panel without disconnecting any wires. Then, turn the ignition on again and, using a test light, check for incoming voltage at the control switch. If there is no voltage incoming, then look for any open- or short-circuit in the wires connecting the switch to the fuse panel.

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  • Keeping Your Nissan Sentra Mirror in Good Condition

    Whether it is powered or manual, the Nissan Sentra mirror will always serve one main purpose-to let you see the surroundings behind you. However, if you do not use it properly, you might find the component gone from its place; you might even find yourself in an accident. The good news is you can prevent this from happening to you simply by properly adjusting your mirror's position. Plus, if you're not confident with how your rear-view mirror is mounted you can reattach it and keep it in place with tips.

    Reattaching your rear-view mirror

    To make sure that the component will stay on the windshield, buy a rear-view mirror adhesive kit from an auto parts store near you. It includes a container of super strong glue as well as a vial of accelerant, which helps the glue dry very quickly.

    When working on this maintenance job, roll all four of your car's windows down as the glue and accelerant may contain strong chemicals such as acrylic acid, methacrylic ester, and trichloroethylene, which are all dangerous to inhale. As an extra safety measure, put on a mask so you will not breathe in any of these gases.

    While it is recommended that you work on the rear-view mirror on a warm day, you don't have to wait for summer to arrive just so you can reattach one of the vital safety features of your car. If you have to do this on a cold day, have a heat gun or a hair dryer on hand to warm up your windshield. When using either of these tools on an ice-cold glass, hold it 12 to 18 inches away and waft it back and forth to slowly but gradually increase the windshield's temperature. Forcing it to warm up might cause the glass to crack.

    Adjusting your mirrors

    Check and adjust your rear-view and side mirrors before driving away. Look at each mirror and see if you have the widest possible view of your entire rear surroundings.

    Adjust your seat to a comfortable position. In order for you to easily look at the mirrors, your seat should be properly positioned as well. Make sure that you are not sitting too low or too far from the foot pedals. Also see to it that you don't have to constantly adjust yourself in your seat when checking out the view in each mirror.