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Nissan Tie Rod END

When a Nissan tie rod moves towards failure, you'll probably notice a difference in handling, a sort of shimmy in the front end, especially when making turns. You will probably start hearing a distinct clunking noise when you are making the sort of tight, slow turns that you make while parking. That particular noise usually has to do with the loss of lubrication in the outer portion of the Nissan tie rod, which interferes with its normally smooth motion. Other symptoms associated with a problem with your Nissan tie rod are uneven tire wear, undue stress and strain on suspension and steering parts, and if left unchecked, a failing tie rod could even snap, leading to a potentially dangerous driving situation, as the wheel could come right off in the worst case. However, replacing a Nissan tie rod is neither expensive, nor difficult, even if you aren't a certified automotive service technician. Replacing a Nissan tie rod is a task that a moderately skilled do-it-yourselfer can handle in an afternoon, working at a fairly leisurely pace. After replacing the failed Nissan tie rod with a new one, you should have your vehicle professionally aligned, as driving with the failed one has probably caused a significant misalignment. Our online catalog is packed full of affordably priced Nissan parts and accessories, and you'll be sure to find the right Nissan tie rod for your year and model at a price that you can afford, especially when you compare what we charge to the prices you'll find at your local automotive parts retailers. And, we ship orders over $50 free of charge, via ground shipping, so you don't have to give back what you save with our low prices to cover shipping charges. You can order your Nissan tie rod online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.