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Nissan Titan Door Sill

How to Counter Common Nissan Titan Door Sill Enemies

People constantly getting in and out of your Nissan Titan-that's a natural and undeniable scene. In all this hustle and bustle in your car's entry and exit points, there is a particular auto part that takes in most of the strain of damp and filthy feet-your Nissan Titan door sills. Frequently exposed to elements, your car's door sill is also prone to damage, just like your other Nissan Titan parts. Replacing your Nissan Titan door sill altogether is quite expensive and, in fact, difficult. It requires major disassembly of your car's interiors, and it may take more than a day off your driving calendar. Why don't you save yourself from such stressful and costly door sill replacements? Below are common Nissan Titan door sill problems and some simple tips to diagnose and counter them:

Scratched sill surface

Your Nissan Titan door sill is basically the car part that does most of the welcoming and the sendoff whenever someone enters or leaves your car premises. As such, it always receives the first and the last waves of all the dirt and grime that may come with your passengers. These unwanted elements include small pebbles, sand, and other minute but equally damaging trash. Of course, scratch is one of the major aftereffects of a visit from filth. Eventually, these minor scratches can cause irreparable deterioration in your Nissan Titan door sill, and you would have to deal with more unwanted elements sooner or later. Good thing scratches are fairly easy to detect by observation. Although damage from scratch cannot be undone, you can still prevent further scratch formation on your Nissan Titan door sills. Just remember these five letters: C, L, E, A, N.

Rusted door sill

As your door sill is also exposed to wet elements, such as damp shoes or occasional streaks of rain or snow, you can also expect rusting. If left untreated, rust can lead to formation of holes on your door sill, and in the end, you might have a permanent door sill problem instead of a dependable interior protection for your Titan. Again, you can detect rust by mere visual inspection. Once you see the golden bits of wear, try to brush off the loose rust particles first. For an additional patch up, apply a dab of denatured alcohol on your Nissan Titan door sills and top it with a rust-fighting solution, which you can conveniently purchase at auto parts stores.

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  • How to Keep Your Nissan Titan Door Sill Sealed

    In essence, it is the first shield of your car's interior. It greets and bids your Titan's passengers whenever they enter and leave your car, respectively. Trapping damp, dust, grime, and other filthy elements, it aids your floor mats in ensuring that the interior of your Titan is free from dirt and, essentially, damages. What part is it? Yes, it is your Nissan Titan door sill. And just like your other car parts, its functions should be partnered with diligent maintenance. You got here just in time-below are simple maintenance steps you can do to keep the good condition of your Nissan Titan door sill.

    Clean regularly.

    Using the same materials and solutions you use for your general car wash, bathe clean your Nissan Titan door sill. This should rid it of the dirt that may have accumulated over a period of entry and exit in your car's doors. Don't forget to wipe dry your Nissan Titan door sill after the wet clean-up as corrosion is also a notorious enemy of your car's sill.

    Use a door sill protector.

    Nissan Titan door sill protectors do not only help keep your sill securely sealed onto your car; they also keep you from the unwanted costs and troubles of Nissan Titan door sill repair and replacement. Priced within the range of $27 to a little over $180, these protectors can assure your sill of an added layer of durable protection. You can also select from a wide variety of plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum door sill protectors. This does not just give your car extra protection; it can also enhance the aesthetics in your car's interiors.

    Keep your door sill dry.

    As mentioned earlier, your Nissan Titan door sill is exposed to elements, and these include snow or rain. Do not wait for these elements to collect and form a pool on your door sill because corrosion is likely to occur. What's worse is that corrosion or rusting is also likely to result in more dampness in your car (read: holes). So, when pools start to form, get a dry cloth immediately and wipe your Nissan Titan door sill dry.