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Nissan Titan Tail Light Assembly

Usual Problems of Your Nissan Titan Tail Light Assembly

Your Nissan Titan tail light assembly may fail to work anytime-sometimes even without your knowledge-and may experience a corroded socket, an unlit bulb, or a leaking assembly. But what's important is that you know what to do should you experience any of the tail light assembly problem. To help prepare you, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Unlit bulbs

You may be wondering why your tail light assemblies sometimes have problems lighting up. You may see only one assembly giving a red glow or notice that both of them fail to light up. Now, this is a high-risk problem as your truck may not be seen at night by other drivers, which can cause a road accident. In this case, you may need to first check the bulbs inside your assemblies because chances are they've just already blown. However, you must keep in mind that you only do this if just either one of the two tail lights fails to work. Should both of them malfunction, your truck may be dealing with a blown fuse or an electrical problem with the wiring. Checking the fuse and fixing any bad wiring on your pickup should make both of your tail light assemblies work.

Corroded bulb sockets

Another problem you may encounter is a corroded bulb socket that greatly affects the function of your tail lights. The corrosion that has developed on the sockets can stop the bulb from working and may even damage the bulb or the wire. You can choose to clean the corroded socket using a dry brush or abrasive pad. Just make sure that you completely remove any corrosion and that the socket is dry before you reattach the bulb. However, you just have to simply replace it to have a working tail light assembly again should the corrosion be severe.

Water-filled assemblies

The seals on your tail light assemblies can be damaged overtime. As a result, water can seep through the cracks and stay inside the assemblies, causing the bulb socket to corrode and the lenses to get oxidized. To prevent water from getting trapped inside, which eventually will cause further problems, you need to cover the cracks on the seals with silicone. In this way, you're protecting your lenses and sockets from getting damaged by water.

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  • Tips to Make Your Nissan Titan Tail Light Assembly to Look as Good as New

    Nothing beats a clean and shiny Nissan Titan tail light assembly to complement the overall look of your pickup. That's why it's important for you to know these useful tips to help you properly maintain your assemblies:

    Cleaning tips

    Wash the assemblies.

    Dilute a mild dishwashing soap in warm water. But make sure that the water isn't too hot as this may affect the surface of the lens. Also, use a sponge to lather up the assemblies and to thoroughly rub the entire area. Keep in mind that warm water should soften any hardened dirt, so you should be able to remove buildups on the surface of your assemblies.

    Sand the surface.

    You can use 1500-grit sandpaper to scrub your tail light assemblies. You also need to prepare a bottle spray filled with soapy water for wet sanding. Keep in mind that you have to regularly spray the mixture on the surface to avoid getting it scratched. Also, make sure that you sand in a side-to-side direction, not in circles, and with gentle pressure only. But before you sand your assemblies, don't forget to cover the areas along their edges with a tape to avoid damaging the paint.

    Apply polishing compound.

    If you want to make your tail light assemblies looking as shiny as new, you need to polish them. You can buy any good-quality polishing compound from any auto supply store. Just make sure that it's well trusted by many drivers to avoid any problem. Also, read the instructions at the back before using it. And once applied, use a non-abrasive cloth or towel to buff your lenses.

    Other maintenance tips

    If you find tiny water droplets inside your tail light assemblies, you may want to check their seal for any crack as this only happens when water manages to get inside. Keep in mind that prolonged stay of water inside will cause your assemblies to get oxidized. Besides cleaning your assemblies, you can prevent oxidation by applying silicone along the open areas on the seals of your assemblies to protect the interior. If you're successful, you may never have water droplets inside.