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Nissan Wheel Bearing

When a Nissan wheel bearing goes bad, you are likely to hear a distinctive humming sound that gets louder as the vehicle moves faster, causing the wheel in question to turn faster. The Nissan wheel bearing itself is a fairly inexpensive part, but, depending on whether it is a front Nissan wheel bearing that has failed or one of those on the rear, the process of replacing it can be a real project. To replace a front Nissan wheel bearing is more difficult, in terms of labor time, as you'll have to remove the axle assembly and will have to have tools that are outside of the typical contents of the home toolbox. However, if you would like to save the automotive service center per hour labor rate, and do the job yourself, it is often possible to rent the special tool necessary to complete the job, or you may just find it worthwhile, with what you save by choosing your Nissan wheel bearing from among our extensive inventory of affordably parts and accessories and the avoidance of the labor charges, to purchase the tool and have it on hand for next time. You may want to consider the purchase of a repair manual, in addition to your Nissan wheel bearing, as that will be sure to guide you through the process. You can order your Nissan wheel bearing, and any of our other parts and accessories that you may need, online, using our secure site, or you can dial our toll-free telephone number. You may also want to keep in mind, if you decide to order a repair manual to go with your Nissan wheel bearing, that we're happy to ship all orders over $50 free of charge, via ground shipping.