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Nissan Window Regulator

There are a lot of reasons why most car buyers would prefer a new car over an old one. Aside from the looks, new cars seem to have a lot more to offer than the cars of the past. Although some vintage cars offers extremely large and powerful engines, current vehicle engines of comparable sizes proves to be more powerful and refined. Aside from these, new vehicles offer a lot of features and amenities that one can hardly find on older vehicles. Current vehicles are filled with a lot of controls that are more responsive and offer a lot of features that are fully automatic.

One of the features that current vehicles offer today are the power windows, or power window regulators, as opposed to the manual window regulators of older cars. While both perform the same basic functions, power window regulators are preferred over manual window regulators as the former performs its function at a simple touch of a button. Manual window regulators, though, are easier to replace, and much cheaper, compared to the costly and complicated power window regulator.

New Nissan vehicles are all equipped with power window regulators, along with the various automatic components they have like power door locks, power seats and other automatic controls. This type of regulator is installed beneath the vehicle's doors, with the controls usually located on the same door or on the dashboard near the driver seat. A small electric motor attached to a worm gear and various other spur gears usually controls the movement of the power windows. This motor, on the other hand, is controlled by an electronic module that may be installed on any part of your vehicle. What makes power window regulators a bit complicated is the way the different components are arranged beneath the car doors.
Old Nissan vehicles, on the other hand, are mostly equipped with the manual type of window regulators. These window regulators basically shares the same basic components used by the power window regulators, but their arrangement and layout are less complicated. Manual window regulators are also controlled using crank handles instead of the electric motor used on power models.

Since new Nissan vehicles are equipped only with power windows, the type of Nissan window regulators that you can find from your Nissan dealer are the power or automatic types. If you happen to own an older car and need to replace its manual Nissan window regulators with a new one, a good source for these manual regulators are aftermarket parts dealers that you can find in your area or over the Internet. Most aftermarket part dealers also offers power window regulators for the new Nissan vehicles.