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Three Common Suzuki Sidekick Door Handle Problems and How to Solve Them

Imagine what will happen if your Suzuki Sidekick's door handle is not working. It will be very troublesome, right? So you will not end up scratching your head, check out the list below of some of the common door handle-related problems and the things that you should do to fix them.

Jammed from the inside

Having a Suzuki Sidekick door handle that can't be opened from the inside is very tricky. Although repairing it is relatively easy, finding the cause is a different matter. For instance, if you are experiencing this problem, the culprit might be the child safety lock. However, if it isn't, then you need to uninstall the door handle and inspect it for broken components. You can also try removing the door panel to check the retaining clips of the handle. In case there are broken parts, then you need to purchase replacements immediately. Just make sure that the parts you are going to buy are designed for your vehicle's make and model.

Peeling door handle paint

If the door handle of your Suzuki Sidekick is peeling, then you have to make sure that you will touch it up immediately to stop your car from looking unkempt. Fortunately, doing this is easy, and it can be done at home. Just make sure that you have the right tools and the right kinds of paint to accomplish the task. You can use an oil-based spray primer and enamel to coat your door handle if it is made of plastic. In case it is metal, then you need to use a galvanized metal etching spray primer. Also, don't forget to sand the handle using a 180-grit sandpaper to promote adhesion.

Scratched door handle

Because the door handle is one of the most commonly used parts of your vehicle, it is not surprising to see scratches on it. To make your door handle look new again, you can try washing and claying it. However, in case you don't want to use a clay bar, then you can try using a paint cleanser that can be purchased from car parts stores. Once the handle is clean enough, you should polish it. Just make sure that you will not over polish it to avoid premature deterioration. What's more, don't forget to apply glaze and paint sealant to protect the door handle from getting scratched again.

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  • Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Suzuki Sidekick Door Handle at Its Best

    The door handle of your Suzuki Sidekick is very important because you won't be able to get inside your vehicle without it. Unfortunately, it will not last for a long time if you will not take care of it properly. To prevent door handle problems, follow the simple tips that we listed below on how you can get the most out of your Sidekick's door handle:

    Check your Suzuki Sidekick door handle regularly.

    Many door handle-related problems are caused by damaged components. Fortunately, you will be able to avoid these issues if you will make inspect your vehicle's door handle regularly. One way to do this is by making sure that the child safety lock is disengaged when it is not needed. You should also inspect the different parts of the door handle that can be accessed if you will remove the door panel.

    Refinish the door handle of your vehicle if its paint is starting to peel off.

    The door handle of your Sidekick does not only help you access your vehicle-it has aesthetic purposes, too. Thus, making it look like new by refinishing it is a great way to keep it in top shape. However, make sure that you will use oil-based spray primer and enamel if you are refinishing a plastic door handle. Also, don't forget to use professional painter's tape to protect the other parts of your vehicle because this tape can be removed easily.

    Polish your Suzuki Sidekick's door handle regularly.

    Another way to get the most out of your vehicle's door handle is by polishing it regularly with a smoothing hand polish. However, avoid over polishing the handle because doing so will cause premature coat corrosion. What's more, use a foam applicator when applying the polish because other materials may abrade the door handle's surface.

    Apply a high-quality paint sealant after applying glaze or repainting your door handle.

    The saying "protection is better than cure" does not only apply to illnesses, it applies to door handle maintenance, too. After applying glaze, polishing, or repainting your vehicle's handle, your efforts will only be in vain if you will not apply a layer of quality paint sealant. Typically purchased from car parts stores, this sealant can protect your door handle from scratches for a long time.