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The engine and the brakes in your vehicle always go hand in hand. And why not, while performance is a big thing, safety is as crucial. So, if you're thinking of any performance upgrade, be sure that your car brakes will be able to handle that performance boost. Worry no more because Nissin is here to help you with all your needed braking upgrades. Offering a broad array of brake parts, this company is your trusted resource when it comes to parts that have to do with stopping your car.

Nissin has been in the market since 1988, although its parent company boasts of decades of expertise since 1953. The brand has already grown to be a big company over the years. Today, it takes pride of its 650 associates and its collaboration with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry-Harley Davidson and GM are just two of these big names. The company meets the needs of its customers with a side by side consideration: quality and cost. It uses advanced processes and employs top-of-the-line equipment in the manufacture of its parts. It also remains competitive in its pricing to ensure that its parts will still be within reach of all its customers.

Right now, Nissin offers a complete selection of brake parts that range from the basic parts (like the Nissin brake caliper) to more advanced assemblies (such as the traction control system). It even offers complete brake hardware like its Nissin brake pad shim set. And whether it's a complete assembly or a complete set of hardware, you can trust all components from the brand to be tough and to be on top of their class. All these, thanks to advanced manufacturing methods employed by the company.