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Cars are demanding machines. They can take up much of your time and eat up a lot of your dollars. One secret to dealing with your vehicle is to find a good partner, one that will be at your side no matter what situation you and your car may get into. Nitoma Radiator is in the market for that purpose-to be your one reliable partner when it comes to all your automotive needs.

This Japan-based company offers a wide selection of parts, covering most of the important systems in your ride: the engine, ignition, cooling system, and brakes. Having been in the business since 1986, it aims to be a bridge between Japan and US-offering a complete selection of parts to the US market. And while Nitoma Radiator aims to be number one in product quality, it is also aiming to be on top in terms of product availability and product cost. With this goal in mind, its selection of parts is rivaled by no other auto parts manufacturer and it's also one of the leaders when it comes to affordable automotive components.

The company offers individual parts and complete kits, some of which are backed with award-winning quality. And other than performance parts, the brand also offers accessories and car add-ons. One of its popular parts is the Nitoma Radiator antenna mast, a part that supports the antenna in providing signals to your car audio. This may only be a supporting component, but your car antenna won't work without this.