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Not too many companies will invest in manufacturing automotive seals. Yes, those parts are necessary, but a lot of car owners prefer cheap and generic seals, thus the market rate of branded sealants haven't reached maximum potential yet. Some people just don't want to bother with costly seals, preferring to bank their money on larger automotive components, or the 'big bosses' of the engine. But the 'small employees' or 'corporate slaves' of the engine must be taken care of as well. NOK is one of the companies who took the risk and plunged into the sealant section of the industry. And, fortunately, the risk paid off.

The company began in Japan as the first oil seal manufacturer. NOK products soon conquered the world and showed that people must also give due importance to the sealants in their engine. For over seventy years, the brand has exceeded the expectations of most car enthusiasts with their tough line of adhesives. One of the company's products is the NOK wheel seal. The wheel assembly is probably the most abused and used part of the car since it is in constant contact to the rough ground. As a result, the wheels are regularly subjected to friction. But with the brand's line of wheel seals, friction is minimized on the wheel hubs and grease is sealed in effectively.

For the materials, the brand uses top quality rubber, like acrylic and silicone. The resistant rubber materials are effective, especially the NOK camshaft seal which thoroughly ensures no amount of oil leaks out of during camshaft rotation. Acrylic rubber is oil and heat resistant, like silicone. For a more powerful sealing effect, fluorocarbon rubber is also found in many of the sealants produced by the company. Fluorocarbon surpasses silicone when it comes to heat resistance, and because of the material's well-balanced properties, it is by far considered the most effective rubber for oil seals.