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Have you ever wondered what the cutting edge of a spark plug wire is? Now, how about knowing that Nology Wires represent the breakthrough of the spark plug wire system? Nology Spark Plug Wires are engineered to set a trend in ignition technology in par with the genuine MSD concept. Since the manifestation of silicone usage for jacketing, Nology Hotwires have continually served as the breakthrough in premium quality spark plug wires.

Every Nology Hotwire uses a special capacitor that is built in with each individual hotwire lead. These capacitors store electricity between plug firings and thus causing the release of stored electricity when the coil gets fired up. Nology Wires send both the standard coil shot and the capacitor's stored shot to the plug every time it fires. And as a result, a spark that heats up as much as 300 times than a stock product is created. This means that Nology Hotwires have the capacity to easily light up tough turbocharged or nitrous-injected mixtures and other extremely lean mixtures as well.

With Nology Hotwires, you can be assured to get only the best improvement of wires. Get more horsepower with Nology Wires and enjoy great savings with the fuel economy with an improved engine combustion system.

Nology Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Nology Hotwires

    Nology Hotwires have revolutionized the spark plug wire market by building a plug wire that can actually deliver more electricity to the plug than the coil sends. The secret lies in the capacitor built into the Nology Hotwires plug lead itself. Nology Hotwires store electricity between firings and release it at just the right moment to add an additional boost of power. The result is more complete combustion and more horsepower for your vehicle. In controlled testing, Nology Hotwires have sparks 300 times more powerful than stock plug wires. With Nology Hotwires, the spark duration is dramatically shorter, which makes ignition timing more precise. How does it work? Spark is stored in the Nology Hotwires via their capacitors. When the voltage is high enough to jump the spark gap at the moment of ignition, the regular spark is sent through the wires. But, the built-up charge in the capacitors is then added, and that gives you a huge spark. If you could slow down time to watch a Nology Hotwires spark occur in one second, a conventional spark would take more than 47 days.
    Nology Hotwires are custom made for a variety of import and domestic cars and trucks and coil on plug applications are also being produced. You can get the advantage of extra electricity without extra effort with the hotter spark and better combustion offered in Nology Hotwires.
    Nology Spark Plug Wires are developed by Nology Engineering Inc., which develops and makes high performance ignition systems, engine management systems spark plugs and other high performance products for street cars, race cars, motorcycles, watercraft, alternative fuel vehicles and industrial engines. Nology Spark Plug Wires use patented ignition technology designed to be effectively used for all racing, street and emission-oriented applications. Nology is an innovator in the field of ignition technology.
    The success and reliability of Nology's horsepower increasing ignition products is well documented in all types of motor racing. Nology has also performed various emission tests and concludes Nology Spark Plug Wires make a substantial contribution in cleaning up the exhaust emissions of all spark-ignited, internal combustion engines. Many track records and world records have been set with the aid of Nology Spark Plug Wires. Seeing Nology products installed on some of the world's fastest race cars, driven by some of the world's most famous drivers, is the most flattering form of compliment to Nology and proof that the technology works.

  • Choosing the Right Nology Product, For the Right Job

    Nology takes the capacitive discharge theory for ignition enhancement and builds the system right in to its Hotwires plug wires

    Three hundred times the usual spark energy is available to your plugs when you switch to Nology plug wires

    Nology capacitor-in-wire technology is revolutionizing the motorsports world with hotter, more reliable spark performance

    Nology spark plug wires are available for most popular sport compact vehicles in custom fit configurations

    Nology Hotwires represent the cutting edge inspark plug wires? Strange but true. The guys at Nology set out to create a breakthrough in ignition technology on par with the original MSD concept. The result is Nology Hotwires, the first breakthrough in spark plug wires since silicone was first used as jacketing. Nology Hotwires utilize a capacitor built in to each individual lead. The capacitor in your Nology Hotwires stores electricity between plug firings, releasing the stored electricity when the coil fires. That means your Nology Hotwires send both the standard coil shot and the capacitor's stored shot to the plug every time it fires. The result is a spark that's as much as 300 times hotter than stock. That means Nology Hotwires can light tough turbocharged or nitrous-injected mixtures as well as very lean mixtures with complete success. You'll see more horsepower when you use Nology Hotwires, and an increase in fuel economy due to the improved combustion in your engine. Nology Hotwires are produced in complete sets for most popular sport compact applications, and you don't have to worry about the emissions cops no matter where you live: Nology Hotwires are 50-state legal for use on all vehicles. With all the other work you've put in to your ride, it only seems logical that you top things off with a set of Nology Hotwires. All your effort is no good without spark to light the fire, and Nology Hotwires make sure that spark is as hot as it can be.

    Who'd have thought that spark plug wires would be the breeding ground for technological advancement? Nology spark plug wires have proven that even something as simple as the spark plug wire has lots of room for improvement. Do Nology spark plug wires have fancy silicone insulators and wound cores for reduced RF interference? Sure, but that's not what makes Nology spark plug wires so special. Are Nology spark plug wires built in custom sets for popular sport compact cars? Sure, but again, that's not what's special about Nology spark plug wires. Nology spark plug wires actually deliver more electricity to your plugs than the coil puts out. How is that possible? Nology spark plug wires have a small capacitor built in to each wire lead. The capacitor stores extra juice until the spark plug fires, at which point it releases the electricity leading to a hotter spark. Nology spark plug wires can actually deliver a spark 300 times more powerful than that of other leading plug wires. You get full combustion in your cylinders, leading to more power, leading to more fun. Nology spark plug wires are legal in all 50 states and they're backed by a full warranty to ensure that you're satisfied with your purchase. So, while you're upgrading your air intake system, exhaust, and fuel injection, don't forget about your ignition system. Nology spark plug wires will make sure you get the hottest spark possible to light everything off.