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Want cleaner emissions from your vehicle? The first thing to look into would be the main exhaust components. Other than these, however, one other thing that you should not ignore is the positive crankcase ventilation system. You can consider this as a part of the emissions assembly because of its function-it routes unburned gases and vapors back into the engine to prevent their release in the environment. The main component of the PCV system is the valve, and it's the part that determines the system's efficiency. With a valve from Novo, you can be sure your car emissions will be a step cleaner.

The PCV valve is a simple valve involved in the control of the amount of air and emissions directed from the crankcase back to the engine. Air is needed for flushing the unburned gases back to the combustion chamber for burning, but the flow of all the elements involved should be regulated to avoid problems. This is what the Novo PCV valve is designed to do: to regulate. And, Novo crafts all its valves to be efficient in performing their functions.

You have to know, though, that these valves are replaceable components. Meaning, they don't last forever and will need to be replaced after a while. The most common replacement interval recommended for the valves is every 50,000 miles. You must also periodically watch out for clogging because this is usually the most common valve issue. In other instances, the parts might become stuck (open or close), and this can cause several problems. Depending on the problem, a damaged PCV valve can manifest itself with a decline in the performance of your vehicle. Should you suspect the valve to be damaged, don't hesitate to replace it with a new Novo valve.