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Regularly cleaning your room is necessary in order to maintain the spic-and-span condition your private area. A room that has not been tidied up for months will accumulate dust and cobwebs everywhere. Small particles of dirt will float in the air, and you'll find yourself sneezing more often. Aside from that, exposing yourself to a dusty room is also a health hazard. Just like your room, your car also needs to be maintained regularly. One way of keeping your car's tiptop condition is by installing filters in the engine. The brand NPN does a great job of cleansing and filtering the parts of your car with its line of reliable filters that are manufactured to OEM specifications.

Dust and other particles will also float around inside the cabin when you don't have an NPN ACC cabin filter installed. To thoroughly cleanse the air inside your cabin, the brand uses particulate paper and activated charcoal on its products. The combination of these materials guarantees a 98% removal of all particulate contamination circulating inside your cabin. Riding inside a car with no efficient cabin filter is like staying inside a dirty room. It can be hazardous to your health because the very air you'll breathe will be filled with dust and other harmful particles.

The cabin filter not only reduces the presence of contaminants, but also increases the amount of airflow entering the interior of your car. The filter will improve the performance of your HVAC system, thus providing you with a cooler, more comfortable atmosphere inside your car. With the use of particulate paper, NPN can filter even the most solid pollutants, like brake friction particles, road dirt, and environmental pollens. Combined with activated charcoal, the cabin filter will also rid the air of diesel soot, vehicle emissions, and unpleasant roadside odors.