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Getting the best value for your money seems to be a lot more difficult nowadays. Real good quality is hard to come by and most of the time, we end up getting fooled because we shelled out more than what the product is actually worth. That's why as a car owner, you must be very specific and meticulous when choosing the parts that are right for your engine. Pick the parts that will perform just like the original ones in your engine to be sure you're giving your car the best possible pieces. So if you want quality and efficiency that can rival those of your stock engine parts, OEQ is your number one choice.

The brand derived its name from the automotive acronym which means original equipment quality. As the name implies, each product from this brand comes with a quality that matches the ones produced by the original manufacturer. Some parts even exceed the excellent performance of the OE pieces in your engine, like the OEQ radiator hose. Overheating has always been a perennial problem if your cooling system doesn't have a complete set of superior quality parts. How can a cheap radiator hose cope with the high performance energy of its boss, the radiator? It's much like giving an incompetent executive assistant to the CEO of the company. With a radiator hose from OEQ, you can be sure coolant is delivered efficiently to all heated engine parts, thus giving much needed assistance to the radiator, which deals with the difficult task of maintaining your engine's temperature.

The transmission system also needs to be cooled at regular intervals and the OEQ cooling hose makes this possible. Transmission fluid must constantly circulate around the transmission parts in order to keep the temperature at a specific operating level. Once the temperature goes beyond or falls below the required, the transmission parts will heat up quickly. And you very well know what heat can do to your car's metal parts, right? But the cooling hose from OEQ is here to the rescue. This line will help pump transmission fluid to the coils inside the radiator, hydrating the parts efficiently.