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You won't ever have to go 'Oh, no!' when you install quality engine parts to your car. And the brand that will most likely dispel any 'Oh, no' bouts is-Ohno. Yes, you read that right. Who would ever name their company after such a negative interjection? But this brand breaks the norm and labels each of their products with this surprise statement which everyone utters whenever something bad suddenly happens. It's quite the opposite though. Each auto part the company manufactures wouldn't give you and your engine any reason to shout 'Oh, no'. In fact, it's actually the farthest thing you'll be saying once you experience the brand's precise engineering and superb quality.

Let's take a look at the Ohno clutch pedal pad as an example of the brand's excellent manufacturing. But first, what do you need the clutch pads for anyway? Isn't it enough that you have a tough, steel-made clutch pedal in your car? Why cover it with a pad and lose its aggressive, hard-hitting look? That's because the clutch will suffer from irreparable wear and tear without the pedal pads. Since this part is constantly engaged, whether during gear changes or ignition starts, you would need to robe the pedals with protective covers to add comfort to your feet and also to reduce the chance of wearing. Ohno manufactures these pads using dirt-resistant rubber. Some are made with tough plastic that won't easily break even when placed under extreme pressure. The meticulously designed pedal pad will also add to the visual appeal of the interior, albeit the flashy colors and sparkles. Pads coated in black rubber are usually enough to bring a more polished look to your car's clutch assembly.

To prevent overheating, the brand also has some solutions for your car. You already know the cooling system and all of its components are vital in maintaining the normal temperature of your car, so why not install an Ohno radiator hose to increase its efficiency? This way, the metal parts of your car won't suddenly suffer from a heat stroke. Add to that an Ohno radiator drain plug and you can definitely enjoy an upgraded cooling system.