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Oldsmobile Alero Window Regulator

Knowing Your Oldsmobile Alero Window Regulator Problems and Their Culprits

The window regulator of your Oldsmobile Alero is the main source of control for the movement of your windows. Whether operated in either an automatic or a manual style, the main function is pretty much the same. Thus, it is important that you are aware of the various problems the part is going to encounter. Listed below are a couple of diagnosis tips to help you figure out the problem, as well as the causes for each:

Manual windows are hard to crank

One kind of problem you are going to have with your window regulator occurs if your windows are manually operated. This type of window is operated by simply cranking the handle found in the door interior. This window regulator works via a system of gears and plates, which moves the windows up and down. The problem arises when the window is not able to move. Worn gears due to corrosion cause this issue. Rust, as well as debris managing to get inside your door, will slowly weaken the window regulator's components. If this continues, the gears are going to be stuck because they will get clumped together and the plates managing the window will not be able to move. If you are experiencing this, try to do an inspection inside the door panel to know which particular part of the window regulator is problematic.

Power windows not working

The other kind of problem involves models of the Oldsmobile Alero that have power windows installed in them. Unlike the manual window that uses a handle system, power windows work with a simple push of a button. The window moves with the use of an electric motor that does all the work for you. However, if it goes wrong, then the whole window regulator stops working. Dirt, debris, and moisture building up inside the window regulator are the main causes of a faulty power window regulator. If not treated quickly, the electronics of your car part will shorten out. Take out the door panel and do an inspection around the window regulator. If you notice any burnt or broken parts inside, then it is probably time to have it fixed or replaced.

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  • Maintenance Tips for Your Oldsmobile Alero Window Regulator

    The Oldsmobile Alero window regulator is the part in your window system that allows the up and down movement of it. If it gets broken, you would still be able to use your vehicle. However, you will not be able to manipulate your window, which would be very inconvenient. If you wish to retain the condition of your window regulator at its peak, then it is best to do some regular maintenance. Here are some tips you could easily do to your Oldsmobile Alero to keep it at its best shape:

    Disconnect battery first.

    This maintenance tip applies to Oldmobile Alero models with power windows. Before doing any maintenance, you must first disconnect the battery, specifically the negative cable. Since an automatic window regulalator uses an electric motor to move the window up and down, you have to cut off the power source completely. If you do not, then there is a chance that you might get harm from the electrical charge, which would be highly inconvenient for you.

    Position window all the way down.

    Remember, the window regulator holds the window in position, so when you are going to do maintenance to it, make sure you pull it down. Forgetting this small step will result in the window suddenly falling down, and could possibly shatter. It is highly recommended that you get someone to help you hold the window in place, for you need to remove it before getting into the window regulator. Also, it is advisable to mark the brackets for the position of your window before removing it. That way, you would be able to easily reinstall it when reassembling the whole door.

    Clean and lubricate all moving parts.

    Corrosion, rust, and small debris could greatly affect the functionality of your window regulator, so it is always best to make sure to prevent these from staying too long. The first thing to do maintenance to are the brackets. Use lithium spray or grease to keep them slippery, and thoroughly remove any grime present. Next to fix are the gears and runners. Get some Teflon spray and apply it on everything.