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Oldsmobile Bumper

For the entire 107 years that Oldsmobile existed, they have provided the world with elegant and modern vehicles that are highly competitive and apt in their times. In fact, the brand has been very popular among Americans in its early years. In the later years, however, the brand has lost its glamourplainly because of the old and stuffy vehicle image its brand has created. This "old" image, in fact, has led to the brand's eventual demise in 2004.

Being old, however, is not all bad. Take the bumpers of old vehicles as an example. The main function of the bumpers, both front bumper and rear bumper, is to protect both the vehicle and its passengers during minor and low-speed collisions. Old vehicle bumpers would perform this function efficiently without incurring much damage for itself. Old vehicle bumpers were often made from heavy steel bars or blades. These bars won't crumple easily even after collisions.

Unlike the old vehicle bumpers, modern bumpers are often made of resilient materials like plastic, rubber, or painted light metal. Because the materials used are lighter, modern vehicle bumpers can also be styled easily. This, however, comes at the expense of their strength, as modern bumpers may crumple easily during minor collisions and incur damages even with the slightest contacts. This simply means an uglier vehicle in every bump, and a significant amount of money to be spent in each minor collision.

Being resilient, however, does not mean that our modern bumpers can no longer perform their original function. In fact, these bumpers can protect the vehicle and its passengers even better. Most modern bumpers are equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders that help them to absorb more shock in the event of an impact. Many modern bumpers are also constructed with built in crumple zones that can absorb a large amount of the energy as they fold.

Oldsmobile vehicles may have that inerasable "old" image but the bumpers of newer Oldsmobile vehicles are surely equipped with the modern ones. This means that Oldsmobile bumpers would easily crumple in collision and should be replaced. The problem of Oldsmobile owners now is that the parts seem harder to find after the brand's demise in 2004. This shouldn't be a problem, however, with all the online auto parts sources that offers high quality replacement Oldsmobile front and rear bumpers.

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