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Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Seat Belt

Answers to Usual Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Seat Belt Problems

One sign telling you that the date went well is when you get the chance to fasten your date's seat belt. It's the best time to smell her perfume, have her stare at you, and quite frankly any other blessed opportunity that comes with you being an inch away from her. So what prevents guys from having a great date every time? Faulty seat belts. The magic of the seat belt pulling moment is the safety you are ensuring the girl and that girl falling for it. But that wouldn't exactly go well if the seat belt is stuck or if the belt you pulled out is ripped. Don't let this happen to you by diagnosing a faulty seat belt as soon as possible. To help you out, we listed the reasons behind common problems with the seat belt.

Retractor failures

Seat belts ensure your safety by hugging you safely in place, back resting on the chair; this is the job of the retractor lock. But there will come a time when the retractor lock fails, causing the seat belt to become useless. Retractor problems are mostly issues with the design. They are likely caused by errors in manufacturing and/or design. However, too much use or wear can also cause the lock to fail. In either case, it is best to have the lock replaced.

Latch problems

Another lock problem with the seat belt is a faulty buckle or latch. This problem is tricky because it can trick you into believing that there is no problem at all; it can appear and sound like the lock was engaged when it wasn't.

Rather than wearing out, problems with the buckle and latch are generally caused by faulty installation and design by the manufacturer. So the best way to go about this is to have them replace the part while shouting at them.

A different case for this is when the seat belt gets unlocked during a crash because of the impact. This problem is called "inertial unlatching" and warrants a replacement and compensation from your manufacturer. Why? Because an unlocking seat belt during a crash stands against everything it should be for.

Ribbed webbing

Torn or loosely knitted seat belts are results of too much strain caused by sudden pulls of the belt. No matter what brand of seat belt you use, the rough and constant pulls are enough to damage the stitching of the seat belt.

  • Tips to Keep Your Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Seat Belt Properly Locked

    We believe that it's safe to say that most drivers put the seat belt on because of the mood it sets; every time you lock the seat belt, it feels as if you're warning the world that you are about to drive like a badass racecar driver on the city streets. We think that there's nothing wrong with this in fact, we think this is a great way to encourage drivers into wearing seat belts more often. To play our part in this new campaign, we listed tips on how to maintain the seat belt in good condition.

    Always keep the tension in check

    Even seat belts need to pass regulatory safety standards before they are released in the market. The task here is that you make sure that the seat belt does not lose the preset tension. The tension allows the belt to cater to different heights, waist lines, or body types you, as a driver, may have. Most mechanics and maintenance centers offer this service so it's fairly easy to keep the tension in check.

    Don't forget to clean it

    Even though the seat belt is constantly inside your car, the dirt in the air and even the evaporated car freshener can buildup slowly in the assembly. When you clean it, make sure to clean both the belt and the locks. A good wipe on the belt can remove the dirt, while an air brush would be great to get the dust out of the retractor and buckle. You can do this as often as thrice a year.

    Also, you can use cleaning solvents for the belt. But remember to use proprietary cleaning products; the cleaner needs to be gentle to avoid damaging the straps.

    Adjust the straps before a drive

    This is especially for cars that are driven by two or more drivers. Every time you sit on the driver sit, adjust the straps to your body type. Doing so avoids unneeded tension and pulls on the belt, especially if the driver before you has a thinner waist line.