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On The Edge is a manufacturer of unique and attractive products for car owners and even those are not.

This company is dedicated to product quality and customer service so it ensures everything is in proper order in their offerings.

Canopies, neon clocks, and screwdrivers are some On The Edge products that are crafted from premium-quality materials.

All its products are durable; customers will really be able to get their money's worth.

Too much exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause different kinds of skin diseases. Among them is cancer, which can be deadly to people. Although it's not deadly to cars, too much exposure to UV rays can also cause harm to it, particularly on the paintwork. Unfortunately, some cars just have to endure the rays because they don't have a well-secure garage to keep them in. However, they still have a choice if they want it in the form of an On The Edge Canopy. Nothing can still replace a well-built garage; however, this canopy is the next best thing a car owner can have if he wants to protect his car from harmful elements in the surroundings. The canopy is made of polyester fabric that can stand the heat of the sun and heavy downfall of rain. On The Edge Canopy is easy to setup; less than 15 minutes is needed for this task. It features a pull pin canopy release, powder-coated steel, and large foot pegs for supplied spikes. The standard size of the canopy by On The Edge is 120" x 120". Black, red, yellow, and green are the colors available for this canopy. Several designs and prints are available for car owners to choose from. A car is one of the most expensive investments a person can make, so it's only right for him to protect it. On The Edge Canopy is a very advantageous piece when it comes to car protection.

"Hate Late?" Lots of people do. This Pizza Hut advertising campaign makes a lot of sense. This is the principle that this company lives by in continuing to be one of the best pizza delivery providers today. A lot of people would benefit if they take these simple words to heart. Aside from that, a new On The Edge Clock would also do them a world of good. This clock can be placed almost everywhere – at home, at the office, and even in the car! No one will fail to notice it because of its very attractive design! Even if it's placed just on top of a dismal drawer, people can't help but take a second look. It's all a good thing because at least they too will be aware if they're getting late for an appointment. Available in round, neon finish, the On The Edge Clock is visible even at night. However, that's all the similarity ends. The clock's face is made in a variety of colors and designs like Pool, Poker, Fire, Iron Cross, Dart Board, and many more. Customers will always find something to match their preferences. With On The Edge Clock, being late for appointments and other important things to attend to will be a thing of the past.

Stop, Look, and Listen. Does this seem familiar? It should be because it is one of the most familiar traffic signs. Even a little kid can identify this sign. There are hundreds of other signs out there that help achieve order on the streets and in the community in general. Signs are really very important. If the road signs are going to be taken away, chaos would result, that's for sure. Some signs are not that visible, especially at night. These signs are better off replaced with On The Edge Neon Sign. Since this is a neon sign, there are no worries about it going unnoticed at night. On The Edge produces all kinds of signs, particularly signs for different kinds of establishments. The neon sign designs include Dart Board, Cocktails Parrot, Casino, and a lot more. Sizes of the signs can range from 18"x 42"x 8.5", 23"x 23.5"x 6.5", 34.5"x 31.5"x 6.5" to 36" x 19.5" x 6.5". Those who want to have On The Edge Neon Sign can feel secure with this provider because only premium-quality materials are used in making the signs. On top of that, On The Edge Neon Sign have very unique designs. This sign will surely stand out above the rest of the boards present on the road and establishments.