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Small but terrible-that statement is basically the best and most fit description for all the gaskets in your engine. These thin metal plates can be compared to Disney's Ratatouille, the tiny mouse with superb cooking skills. This rodent is kept hidden under a chef's hat most of the time, unnoticed by all the characters. But each recipe and dish the mouse comes up with makes a huge impact to the picky taste buds of the diners. A gasket is also often unnoticed, hidden, and sandwiched among other components, but it definitely makes a large impact to the performance of your car in general. The brand OPT capitalizes on this importance though and manufactures an entire line of premium gaskets made for every vehicle model.

A lot of car owners usually don't give much attention to the gaskets in their engine. There's just too many gaskets placed in between each possible gap or space that one simply wouldn't bother fussing over all of them at the same time. But like all car parts, gaskets require extra care and attention too. The combined heat and pressure coming from your engine sometimes takes a toll on the gaskets, and these metal plates eventually get damaged, no matter how seemingly tough and sturdy these components are.

Usually, an OPT oil pan gasket can prevent oil leaks coming from the reservoir. You need to regularly check this one all the time because oil is too precious to be spilled and wasted. Besides, the metal parts of your car need oil running through them all the time, and with a damaged oil pan gasket, the components will definitely suffer from dreaded oil loss which can choke up your entire engine. Aside from that, an OPT water pump gasket will be a huge help to your car too. Too much heat can stall or even make your vehicle inoperable, that's why coolant must be constantly pumped to stabilize the temperature. But if the gasket sealing the water pump fails, then you're in for a major coolant loss. Like oil loss, inadequate levels of coolant can bring harm to your ride as well. Try a heat-resistant OPT thermostat gasket as well to seal your thermostat's housing.