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Your car's engine doesn't need an energy drink to keep it up and running all day. It doesn't even need aphrodisiac pills for maximum staying power, nor vitamins to perk it up. All it needs is a dose of Optima, the 'ultimate power source' of automobiles. Batteries from this brand can provide your vehicle with incredible power surges and a continuous supply of electricity to help bring life to all electrical components in your car. Power outages and interruptions will no longer give you headaches once you equip your vehicle with a battery box from this brand because it can give you longer staying power than most ordinary batteries.

There's no reason for you not to trust the company's products because even the US space program chose to entrust the Lunar Rover to Optima during the 1960's, a period when people were going crazy over spaceships and rockets and trips to the moon. The company's wound cell technology captured the attention of the space program and also the profit-smelling noses of other magnates. In 1972, Gates Rubber bought the Optima battery technology and invested dollars to make sure the batteries were developed according to automotive specifications. Soon after, the battery boxes were being used worldwide to power different kinds of vehicles, from race cars to 4x4's to electric vehicles. The current parent company of the brand, Johnson Controls, even built a new production facility in Monterrey, Mexico to manufacture more batteries and to keep up with the insistent market demand. The Colorado factory is doing just as well, engineering and manufacturing thousands of batteries daily to be shipped to different points around the globe.

Optima manufactures three battery boxes under its product line. Each battery box comes with a different colored top to distinguish its specific use and application. The Red Top is highly resistant to vibrations and powers your vehicle in a span of a few seconds, ranging from 1 second up to 10 seconds. The Yellow Top is capable of deep cycling and cranking power, while the Blue Top has starting and dual purpose models. Each battery is powered by a patented SpiralCell technology, making it last up to twice longer than most batteries in the market, including traditional flat-plate ones.