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It's one of the most popular constellations across the night sky. Easily recognizable and visible throughout the world, this constellation scatters its jewels in the form of a hunter in Greek mythology. Indeed, the hunter image is aggressive and tough, and to be associated with the constellation's name is similar to associating yourself to the stars-bright, stellar, easily recognized, and widely visible. And that's exactly the image of Orion, the premiere brand known for manufacturing and supplying automotive wheel seals to a large constellation of retailers across the globe.

A lot of car enthusiasts easily recognize this brand because it is highly visible in the automotive market. Most retailers carry Orion's premium wheel seals on their shelves, and a large part of car owners prefer this brand above all others when it comes to taking care of their wheels hubs. Made from high-grade rubber and metal, an Orion wheel seal is efficient in bringing in the grease to your car's wheel hubs in order to greatly shed off a large amount of friction rotation that constantly gives the wheels a hard time. It looks like a simple circular metal plate that fits all four points and corners of your car. As simple as it looks, this part is actually tough and aggressive, like the Greek hunter constellation. The plates enclose your wheel hubs in a protective shield that effectively fights off a number of harmful contaminants that are too many to even mention. Road dust, debris, snow, rain, puddle, mud, rocks-you name it, the brand's wheel seal will fight it.

Orion knows these contaminants will lead to the gradual deterioration of your wheels and bearings, that's why the brand provides optimum dust protection and wear sleeve, while maintaining a lightweight feel to your car. Adding the wheel seals won't drag down your car or add weight to it. In fact, these metal plates even ensure lighter handling and longer service life as compared to those cars driving with bare wheel hubs. Not only will your car perform better, but you also get to enjoy more value for your money because your wheels won't wear and tear easily due to minimum friction rotation induced by the wheel seals.