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Happy people always have that bouncy kind of walk, like there's a spring on their steps. Sometimes, when you're feeling overjoyed, you tend to half-skip and half-walk, like you're jumping over clouds. But when unfortunate circumstances hit you, your feet lose the happy bounce and ecstatic skips. You'll feel down and low, and this also shows in your profile. You stoop your shoulders and drag your feet as if burdened by the whole world. But, wait-this kind of thing doesn't only happen to you, but it also happens to your car. It's a good thing though that Osaka Bane Inc. can lift the spirits-or rather, the body-of your car again with specially-engineered and crafted coil springs for the suspension.

A car that is fresh from a maintenance check has a more superior look and feel. It's probably because the profile has been restored so the car doesn't look all saggy and deteriorated any longer. An upgraded suspension system also plays an important factor in enhancing the ride's handling. Flatter cornering qualities and increased ride height can only be achieved if you've got good suspension components, and an Osaka Bane Inc. coil spring can definitely help your vehicle reach greater heights. Like buildings and houses, the suspension system of your car also needs a good foundation, and new coil springs can surely lay down a strong base for your ride.

Founded in 1931, Osaka Bane Inc. is known to various distributors worldwide as a leading supplier of automotive coil springs. With only a capital of 32 million yen, the Japanese company has grown tremendously and has taken the world by storm with its diverse range of automotive machinery. But a coil spring is the heart of the company. Coil springs with large wire diameters are shaped and engineered under a specialized heat treatment, bringing more flexibility and better impact absorption qualities to your suspension system. What's more, these coil springs can add that 'bounce' to your ride with amplified body height and better cornering abilities. You'll be driving a happy car with a spring on its wheels-literally.