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Oxygen Sensor

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The advent of the 80's has seen the introduction of another important automobile innovation - the oxygen sensor. This gadget forms part of a vehicle's emissions control system and is also responsible for feeding data to the engine management computer. It does this by checking the exhaust hundreds of times per minute. In a nutshell, the car oxygen sensor helps maintain optimum engine performance and lower a vehicle's smoke emissions.
The oxygen sensor is strategically located in the exhaust pipe. As such, it can easily detect the presence of rich and lean mixtures. Most O2 sensors also contain a mechanism that produces a chemical reaction that generates voltage. Knowing the amount of voltage present is critical to determine whether the mixture is rich or lean. The engine's computer then makes the necessary adjustment to the volume of fuel going to the engine.
Among the types of oxygen sensors currently available are the single wire oxygen sensor and the heated oxygen sensor. The latter has a built-in heating ingredient designed to maintain an engine's ideal operating temperature. Four factors should also be considered to extend the longevity of the oxygen sensor: good electrical connections, outside air supply, proper operating temperature and the use of unleaded gasolines.
Engines rely on the oxygen sensor as the amount of oxygen it can pull depends on various factors like altitude, engine temperature, air temperature, engine load, barometric pressure among others. A malfunctioning car oxygen sensor prevents the engine computer from reading the correct air/fuel ratio. When this happens, a vehicle tends to perform poorly and ends up wasting more fuel.

Oxygen Sensor Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Oxygen Sensor

    Want to install efficient oxygen sensor in your car? Then find quality replacement oxygen sensors. Get also an Oxygen Sensor tool or oxygen sensor bung.
    Leaving out your oxygen sensors is like a throwback to the primitive stages of coal and the toil of manual labor. The oxygen sensor is a very important component of every modern car as it performs a very crucial job. Without it, your car will turn into one nasty, stinking smog machine.
    Now that is not an exaggeration because as the name implies, the oxygen sensor is a tool that detects the amount of oxygen in the mixture of exhaust that has just passed through the catalytic converter. This is a very critical task because by determining the oxygen content, a special engine management computer can then determine the balance between your car's gas and exhaust.
    ch fuel in your car's internal combustion system causes pollution because the combustion system can't burn all of it. It turns into harmful black air pollution when it comes out to your car exhaust. On the other hand, too much gas can cause compromises the engine performance until it eventually fails. The oxygen sensor tool looks like a spark plug and it is easy to install, especially when you use an oxygen sensor bung with it. If you want to find out more about oxygen sensors, just read on here in our website.

  • Oxygen Sensor: Just the Facts

    Extending the use of a faulty oxygen sensor is one thing you should never do. Doing so can lead to many other serious problems-your gas mileage will suffer, the catalytic converter will be damaged prematurely, and finally, your vehicle's performance significantly deteriorates. For you to avoid all those, it' s important that your vehicle's oxygen sensor is in tiptop shape. The oxygen sensor works by detecting the air-fuel ratio in the engine's exhaust gases. The sensor sends the information to your vehicle's engine control module (ECM), which in turn adjusts the engine's fuel intake according to the sensor's readings. So when the sensor fails and sends the ECM false signals, the engine isn't fed a mixture with the correct air-fuel ratio. This causes the engine to run less effectively and, sometimes, consume more fuel. So if you don't want the hassle, replace the oxygen sensor whenever necessary. And to get the best replacement at a much cheaper price, shop only here at Auto Parts Deal!

    • Detects the air-fuel ratio in the exhaust stream

    • Helps reduce harmful exhaust emissions

    • Comes with instructions for easy part installation