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Tonneau Cover Clamp Kit by Pace Edwards

The Complete Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover Clamp Kit User's Guide

A pickup truck is a reliable driving machine that you can use to lift heavy loads. If you don't have a tonneau cover, however, your possessions become unsafe from both thieves and weather elements. More importantly, tonneau cover clamps are required to secure your cargo and prevent your cover from accidentally opening. You've purchased a tonneau cover, but if security is equally as important to you, you'd have to learn how to properly use its clamp kits. Here's a complete guide on the use and applications of the Pace Edwards tonneau cover clamp kit:

What makes it a must-have accessory: The greatest benefit you can ever get from a Pace Edwards tonneau cover clamp kit is the ease by which you can install it. The clamp-on feature allows you to simply slide the clamps along the cover rails to install the cover. It doesn't require any drilling or punching-this effectively cuts the installation time in half. Sometimes, there is a small space between the backside of the clamp and the side of your truck bed. If the space is greater than 3/8 of an inch, shim brackets are included to provide a tight fit. The clamp kit also has several shims you can use if the gaps are less than 3/8". The shims are provided in two thickness values, so that you can stack one on the other to fit in a certain gap. Now that's quick installation coupled with simple solutions.

Where it fits: These clamp kits fit on all standard Pace Edwards products-from the old-timer Roll-Top-Cover to modern ones like the JackRabbit, Full-Metal JackRabbit, and the Bedlocker Electric. These tonneau covers virtually fit in every truck made in the US.

How to properly install clamps to create a tight tonneau cover fit: Besides using shim brackets and wedging shims in the gap between the back of the clamp and the side of the truck bed, there is another way to ensure a tight tonneau cover fit. When installing a clamp, tilt the rail so that it is on the same level as the truck bed rail. Tighten the clamp while holding the rail down.

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