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Park Light Assembly

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Your vehicle comes equipped with lighting assemblies that improve road visibility and vehicle conspicuity. And aside from the headlight and tail lights, your vehicle uses other helpful lighting assemblies. Like the park light assembly, for example. The park lights, located under the headlights, emit an amber illumination that makes your parked vehicle more noticeable. Suppose you're driving along a poorly-lit street at night, and you suddenly have to park by the roadside for some reason. Once parked, your vehicle needs to be noticeable to other motorists on the road. The headlights' beam would be too bright, and would distract approaching drivers. The park lights' beam, however, is just the right intensity: noticeable without being distracting. Useful, huh? If you want to enjoy the benefits a park light assembly brings, have a look at Carparts's catalogs. We offer park lights to most vehicle makes and models!

• Acts as a safety warning device for your vehicle

• Makes your vehicle more visible to other motorists

• Easily connects to the headlights' wiring