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When a company has about $10 billion in annual sales, wouldn't you entrust your car to them? Yes, that's probably the most sensible thing to do because that means the company only manufactures high quality products, hence the huge boom in profits. Big name brands generating billions of sales per year can give you the guarantee that you'll be getting more for your money's worth. Companies like this can be compared to highly paid actors. They generate millions because people like them for their talent and looks. The same can be said when it comes to auto parts. Companies make profit because people like their high quality products. And the company that hit that $10 billion mark is Parker Hannifin.

The brand is a diversified manufacturer that has operational facilities in 54 countries located across six continents. With an empire this expansive, it's definitely an obvious point that the company is the leader when it comes to motion and control technology in automotive parts. Indeed, the aftermarket division of the brand has a long list of products, one of which is the Parker Hannifin A/C receiver drier. This is what you need when you want a nice, long ride free from dust particles and other pollutants. The part's primary purpose is to filter the refrigerant or oil in the A/C system of your car. Excessive moisture and contaminants can sometimes cause a buildup in your A/C, so the receiver drier filters these problems from the system.

Usually, the receiver drier is used for the thermal expansion valve to function much better. The device lets the valve get its dose of liquid refrigerant, while separating gas and liquid at the same time. This part is usually connected to the A/C system using two connecting hoses and comes with a sight glass to better ward off moisture and contaminants. Parker Hannifin has efficient receiver driers that let you know clearly the Freon levels and condition of the A/C system. With the reliable sight glass mounted on the device, you can consistently monitor the level of refrigerant in your engine and make necessary adjustments.