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Yes, there are lots of add-ons and accessories out there that can improve your vehicles performance big time. However, some of them require installation processes that are a bit challenging. If you're kind of like doing vehicle repairs and installation all by yourself, why not consider first those add-ons that can boost your rig's performance without asking too much effort from you? Among such are headers. As it is well-known, headers are among the easiest bolt-on automotive accessories used by many drivers to improve the engine's power output and performance. They do their job by pushing exhaust gases out of the engine cylinders. Patriot is the brand you can trust when it comes to automotive headers.

The said company is committed in providing the industry with top-of-the-line headers, especially those that are designed for racing applications. Patriot also recognizes the vehicle owner's need to save bucks by doing some automotive tasks all by themselves so it also offers do-it-yourself weld up kits for various applications.

But why go for Patriot headers when there are lots of many other brands of headers out there? Well exhaust headers from this company are built with thick machined steel flanges which offer remarkable sealing. They are easy to maintain and they feature ceramic coated tubing that's resistant to rust and corrosion. Another good thing about headers from Patriot is, they have high-flow mandrel-bent mild steel tubing which helps improve more torque and horsepower. With such performance enhancer, under hood temperatures are also reduced so the service life of the engine and other under-the-hood components are extended. For DIYers, headers from Patriot are such a good buy. Why? Because they are offered with collector reducers, gaskets, hardware, and installation instructions. This means, in just one transaction, you've got not only headers but also everything you need to have it properly installed in your ride.